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50 Awesome People in the DC Fitness Community - Part 5

In celebration of our first birthday, this week we are publishing five special posts each highlighting 10 awesome members of the Washington D.C. area fitness community.

On our list we have yoga instructors, personal trainers, martial arts black belts, bloggers, and other fitness pros that inspire us to live healthier and happy lives.

This is the fifth and final installment of the series.

To the people on this list and all the people reading it .... thank you for making Active Life DC possible! We look forward to seeing you all in 2014.

Jaime Andrews

Jaime is a Washington D.C. personal trainer and leads bootcamp style classes near her Logan Circle studio. Read Jaime's blog post outlining what to wear during cold weather workouts and visit her blog for more fitness tips and motivation.

Josef Brandenburg

Josef is a Georgetown-based personal trainer. Check out Josef in the first edition of our Fitness Roundtable and visit his website, The Body You Want.

Doug Cassaro

Doug is a Washington D.C. runner and blogger. Check out our interview with Doug and visit his blog titled I run because ....

Orlando Darden

Orlando is a Washington D.C. personal trainer and bootcamp instructor. Check out his post 5 Fitness Benefits of Cold Weather Running and visit his blog for more motivation and tips.

Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick

Lisa launched the Community Wellness Collective in Southeast Washington D.C. earlier this year. Read more about the Community Wellness Collective and visit Lisa's website, Promoting Practical Health.

Colleen Dahlem

Colleen Dahlem is a D.C. area runner and blogger. Read our Featured Blogger interview with Colleen and visit her blog Live Free and Run. She posts lots of good veggie recipes.

Jaime Corey

Jaime Corey is a Washington D.C. marathoner and blogger. Visit her blog, titled DC Runster and check back soon for a blog post by Jaime.

Helaina Bernstein

Helaina Bernstein is a nutritional counselor. Read Helaina's article Beware of the Candy Bar Salad and visit her website for recipes and nutrition advice.

Courtney Dredden
Photo provided by Courtney Dredden.

Courtney is a Washington D.C. area runner and blogger. Check our her Holiday Fitness Tips and visit her blog Eat Pray Run DC.

Laurie Porsch

Laurie is an active duty U.S. Marine and the head instructor for the Femme Fatale program at the Beta Academy.