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Take Five Meditation - Washington, D.C.’s 1 st Meditation-Only Studio Opens in DuPont Circle

Sunday, March 5, 2017 - 9:03am

From a press release: '

Brand new studio provides an oasis of calm and mindfulness amidst the daily hustle and bustle of D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – February 27, 2017 – Amidst the bustling, ever-engaging Washington, D.C. community, Take Five Meditation provides deeply grounding meditation and mindfulness, a strong sense of community, and intellectual discovery. Meditation is an established method to reduce stress, reduce blood pressure, regulate emotion, and decrease depression and insomnia. Read about how meditation accomplishes these goals.

Take Five Meditation was founded by two Washingtonians, Eldad Moraru and Tara Huber, who learned the lasting benefits of a regular meditation practice and wish to provide the D.C. community with that same relief. The Co-Founders independently came to understand and value meditation by practicing increased mindfulness to overcome physical and emotional challenges and hardships.

“After using meditation and yoga breathing to naturally give birth to my twin sons 19 years ago, I continued my study of meditation over the years, leading me to Lodhi Gardens in New Delhi last year where I experienced a grounding and energetic insight that I am eager to share with the nation’s capital, through Take Five Meditation,” said Tara Huber, Co-Founder.  

Through a unique model, Take Five provides the broadest spectrum of meditation styles under one roof with no exclusive ties to a set philosophy or religion.

Take Five’s curriculum is structured to give all Washingtonians a way to learn and experience meditationfor the first time and to develop an ongoing meditation practice, while also enabling those with anexisting practice to grow and expand. The studio will host workshops, seminars, and events, in addition to guest speakers from around the world. Take Five also delivers onsite meditation classes to businesses and organizations, offsite retreats, and training courses, beginning with Kit and Ace in Georgetown and several YPO chapters. The studio will continually evolve and grow the offered curriculum.

Take Five Meditation is thoroughly rooted in community; two-thirds of the physical studio space is devoted to a community lounge, kitchen, and complimentary tea service sourced from Teaism. And free monthly memberships are being raffled off through Historic Dupont Circle Main Streets.

Take Five will invest heavily in the residents and commuters of the surrounding D.C. neighborhoods to truly create an oasis for Washingtonians seeking to learn and deepen their meditation practices. '


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