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Beyond Willpower - Community Workshop

Beyond Willpower - Community Workshop

Friday, March 17, 2017 - 8:39am

Epiphany Pilates Community Event - Beyond Willpower: How to adopt and maintain healthier habits with strategies that really work


Join us on Sunday, April 9th at 2pm for our next community workshop, Beyond Willpower: How to adopt and maintain healthier habits with strategies that really work.

There are so many factors in our daily lives that seem to work against the healthy habits that we want to pursue, whether it be exercising regularly, eating healthier, getting enough sleep or practicing mindfulness.

We often rely on “willpower” alone to overcome these barriers; and, when we don’t succeed, we turn the blame on ourselves, assuming that we’re just not strong enough.

Looking around us, we see people unable to lose weight or stop smoking, and we wonder if changing our habits is even possible. Yet some people do succeed -- and it’s not because of some kind of special personality trait, but because they have learned how to set themselves up for success.

During this 90-minute interactive workshop, our very own Patricia Linderman will share proven strategies that have helped her and others adopt new, healthier habits -- and most importantly, stick to them over the long term. You’ll leave the workshop with numerous specific, practical ideas that you can implement immediately to continue on your journey toward your healthiest, most radiant self.

Register for this FREE workshop via our online scheduler or mobile app. NOTE: You must first add our complimentary Community Class Package to your account under Memberships. For more information, contact us at (703) 204-2200 or

Epiphany Pilates
2735 Hartland Road Suite 100
22043 Falls Church, VA

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