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Body by Buckner Prenatal Yoga Workshop

Body by Buckner Prenatal Yoga Workshop

Friday, October 25, 2019 - 8:19am

Body by Buckner founder Lauren Buckner is inviting all expecting moms to join in for their inaugural Prenatal Yoga Workshop on Saturday, October 19th. The workshop will include a gentle vinyasa flow that will help mamas  focus on poses to increase strength and flexibility.  Prenatal yoga is a perfect way for pregnant women to maintain a healthy mind and body.  The workshop will teach expecting mothers proper breathing and relaxation techniques for easier and more comfortable labor. 


Some additional expected benefits can include:

-reduced low back pain & Sciatica

-reduced swelling & inflammation

-better sleep and less fatigue 

-improved emotional well being

Body by Buckner
1310 Pennsylvania Ave SE located at Jade's Fitness
20003 Washington, DC

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