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#BodyGoals 6 Week Fitness Series

#BodyGoals 6 Week Fitness Series

Saturday, March 31, 2018 - 12:39pm
$12 - $15 per class (when purchased as a package)

The #BodyGoals Fitness Series is back and better and just in time for the summer!

Join your trainer, Sharita Jennings, creator of Get Fit Like That for a progressive fitness and nutrition program designed to help you see the #BodyGoals you want for the summer. This progressive program will help you build strength and boost your metabolism so you can shed fat and build the body you want! If you're in Washington D.C. you can also take advantage of discounted nutritional meal prep services from CleanEatz DC to really ensure the best results. This series is made for individuals at any fitness level and we work our way up to higher intensity and complex moves over time! 

Click here to check out one of our workouts from the 1st Series!

Whats Included:

• High energy group classes twice a week in Washington, DC (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7PM) - Classes will alternate between weight training and high intensity interval training to maximum fat loss and build strength

• Virtual participation option - Classes will be live-streamed so that you can participate from wherevever you are!

• A Free Downloadable Fitness and Nutrition Guide to GetFitLikeThat to provide you with weekly workouts outside of class and help you master healthier eating habits

• Fitness calendar with suggested workouts

• Exclusvie access to the  "Support Squad" Facebook community for ongoing support and motivation

• Attendees will be added to the Clean Eatz VIP list for discounted weekly meal prep services

• FREE access to Get Fit Like That pop up events in Washington, DC in April and May



• April 17, 2018 - May 31, 2018 


• Fitness Series Classes start at $12 per class when purchasing the entire series (12 classes total)

• Meal Prep by Clean Eats starting at $40 a week for 5 meals


Testimonials from the 1st #BodyGoals Series:

I always know I'm getting a good workout when I feel "good sore" the next day, and that was certainly the case after every Body Goals workout. I loved the variation between arms, legs, and HIIT workouts, ensuring that each class targeted a different part of the body and keeping my body on its toes.

I love that Sharita designs simple yet tough workouts. The combination of virtual and in-person was extremely helpful! Sharita is an excellent teacher!


Fitness Snob Studio
617 Rhode Island Ave. NE
20002 Washington, DC

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