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Bulgarian Bag Certification Course

Bulgarian Bag Certification Course

Sunday, December 22, 2019 - 6:01pm

Join us for a Bulgarian Bag Level 1 Certification Course, led by instructor Mike Salemi:


  • Proper techniques and how to execute the four major dynamic exercises (spin, arm throw, snatch, and swing squat) as well as countless muscle targeted exercises.
  • How to progress and regress exercises for all levels of fitness.
  • How the Bulgarian Bag is an incredibly versatile tool can be used in any environment to increase muscular strength and endurance, increase anaerobic capacity, neuromuscular drive, speed, agility and overall core strength.
  • Categorize exercises in movement patterns and design workouts to maximize carryover to other sports or activities.

CEUS: Dynamic Movement with the Bulgarian Bag Course- Level Suples Fit (1) will receive CEU’s from the following organizations: NASM 0.8, AFAA 8.25 and NSCA 0.9.

To register: Email to reserve a spot. Payment will be collected as soon as we reach the minimum registration spots.
Certification Cost: $400/person. Includes 9-5pm instruction with a one hour lunch, Certificate, Suples T-Shirt, online course video recap, and Manual


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Balance Gym Foggy Bottom
2401 M Street NW

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