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Happy 2019! Fit Pro Specials from ALDC


Promoted events get 2 newsletter inclusions instead of 1! If you upload an event by January 31 and choose paid promotion, we will include it in 2 of our regular newsletters instead of the regular 1. After you upload, we will send you an invoice that includes the dates of both newsletter inclusions. The event must occur by the end of March. Upload your event now!

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PROnatal Fitness Pre/Postnatal Certification Workshop

Use the code ALDC25 to receive $25 off the PROnatal Fitness Pre/Postnatal Certification Workshop. The workshop will be held this February in DC!

"PROnatal Fitness views the pregnancy journey like the major athletic event that it is, and teaches you how to utilize our unique Performance Training Approach to help your clients successfully conquer each and every challenge along their motherhood journey – and come out stronger than ever.  You’ll leave with a very clear programming framework and all the tools needed to coach your clients to achieve their own personal best during what is truly the event of a lifetime."

Read more here or contact PROnatal fitness directly (

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