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Zengo Cycle-A sweaty Good Ride

Zengo Cycle-A sweaty Good Ride

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 - 7:36am
Overall Score: 
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Average: 5 (1 vote)
Date Attended: 
Tuesday, October 13, 2015 - 10:00am
The first class is free for everyone
Class Title: 
Cycle 50 m
Class Description: 

If you haven't been to Mosaic District in a while, you have no idea what you are missing! Not only is Mosaic filled with shops & restaurants, it has become a mecca for fitness enthusiasts with Core Power, Spark, Solid Core, Orange Theory and Zengo cycle to name a few. As a former spin instructor, I love to take cycle classes. Today I checked out Zengo Cycle to check out how it measured up to other boutique cycle studios.

Zengo Cycle was immaculately clean with locker rooms equipped with towels. The Schwinn bikes are new and in great condition. The 50 min high intensity, full body workout included upper body weight exercises with light weights. All workouts include a "zen"song where the instructor is quiet, the lights are dimmed and it's all you and your bike. It's a time to focus on your ride and "grind it out" what ever that means to you. I loved this idea!

Jason, my instructor, was high energy and motivating throughout with a killer playlist that kept me focused on my workout and dripping with sweat. He was helpful with bike set up and knowledgeable about form.

Today's workout was exactly what I would look for in a cycle class. I'd definitley go back for more. The first class is free-check it out in Bethesda, Mosaic, Ketlands and DC.

Stay tuned for more fitness reviews from Northern Virginia.


Instructor Name: 
Jason Greenwald
About the Instructor: 
Jason was energetic & motivating throughout the class with a great play list that kept me engaged and exited. I would definitely take his class again. You can hop on a ride with him at Mosaic, Bethesda and Ketlands.
Towels and lockers are provided free of charge. Bike Shoes are available for rent $3 and water is for sale. Bring a change of clothes because you will sweat!
Bike shorts or capri with a comfortable top. Clip in shoes are required.
About the Author

Mom of 2 teens. Moms Run This Town Chapter leader (McLean, VA) Blog: Girls on the Run Coach & fitness blogger. Healthy Vegetarian recipe creator. Love to run, cycle, swim & sweat with my #MRTT crew. I'm passionate about keeping up with new fitness & health trends while expressing my fashion sense.