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Interview with CrossFit Praxis Director Bobby Goodfellow

Interview with CrossFit Praxis Director Bobby Goodfellow

Monday, April 14, 2014 - 6:45am

Photo provided by Bobby Goodfellow.

Bobby Goodfellow is Director, Strength & Conditioning and Head Coach at CrossFit Praxis, located near the corner of 14th St. and Florida Ave. NW. Bobby was kind enough to answer questions for us about his fitness background and the programming at Praxis.
1. What is your athletic background? How did you come to CrossFit? How long have you been training in CrossFit?
I played football, ran track and field, wrestled, skied, competed in powerlifting, dabbled in strongman, and played Super League rugby.  I train and compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu…I am a lifelong student of the gentle art.  I was exposed to CrossFit workouts for pre-season rugby training.  I started training CrossFit, seriously, in the fall of 2007 after a job change dropped me less than a block from my first CrossFit gym. 
2. You have a certification in CrossFit Football. Please tell folks a little about CrossFit Football and how your experience with CrossFit Football affects your programming at Praxis.
CrossFit Football is a training program leveraging the known.  CrossFit Football is a strength and conditioning program designed to create bigger, stronger, faster, more explosive athletes.  Regardless of sport, the demands of athletes are universal.  An athlete must be able to run, jump, sprint, change direction, display strength, explosiveness, and power.  The CrossFit Football training methodology prepares athletes for these universal athletic demands.
My experience as a athlete on the CrossFit Football methodology and as a coach have been profound. The level of instruction received at the cert was unparalleled and knowledge conveyed was mind-blowing.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for the CrossFit Football seminar staff; they're all top-notch coaches and excellent people.  I try to bring the same level of instruction to all of my classes at CrossFit Praxis.  The responsibilities of a good coach are endless. 
We've had tremendous success at CrossFit Praxis with incorporating the CrossFit Football methodology into our training system.  I've programmed three strength cycles since I started CrossFit Praxis; we had close to 190 personal records in our first cycle, 170 in our second cycle, and we'll be tallying the results from this cycle next week.  
3. What makes Praxis' approach to CrossFit unique?
CrossFit Praxis' approach is different.  We spend a tremendous amount of time reinforcing proper posture and position.  It's fundamental in nature, but paramount to the success of the athletes and our programming.  Since my start at CrossFit Praxis, I've programmed a strength component (on a linear progression), an accessory lift (usually), and a conditioning component.  
I am very fortunate to have reached a point in the existing program where we can make a split.  CrossFit Praxis is moving to several new tracks of program offerings.  I will be programming separately for CrossFit and CrossFit Football.  That said, we now have an even greater service offering to our clients; CrossFit, CrossFit Football, CrossFit Endurance, Olympic Weightlifting, Boot Camp, Personal Coaching, and Personal Training.  
4. From a coach's perspective, tell us one thing you think CrossFitter's should do more of and one thing they should do less of.
More focus on mechanics, rest, and recovery.  Less ridiculous METCONs.  
5. What is your favorite CrossFit workout and why?
Anything heavy and relatively short.  Some people go off like a stick of dynamite…some people burn like a candle.  I make a moderate boom.  
6. CrossFit boxes are known for their unique personalities. What type of personality does Praxis have? How does Praxis promote a sense of community amongst its members?
CrossFit Praxis is a relatively new gym (about two years old), so we're young.  Our ethos is developing.  We're seeing a tremendous interest in CrossFit Football…our members really love hitting personal records.  As we approach our deload weeks, I see relief in their eyes, but when we roll into our performance weeks the athletes are hungry.  Few things in this world bring me more joy than seeing people display strength and power in a way they never thought possible.  I get a little crazy during performance week - I think that energy is directly reflected in my classes.  I see a strong community here at CrossFit Praxis; a homogenization of interests coming together for a common goal - improvement.  I truly love it.  We have a ton of fun doing it too!  We're a very social gym.  Our Social Director plans monthly social events, we have in-house competitions once every quarter or so, and we have a great time cheering on our members.  Our last Battle of the Box was a monumental success.  We had 48 members come together to compete as teams with countless members, family, and friends here at the gym to cheer them on.  The icing on the cake…we had a prom as our after-party.  A prom.  It was legit.  

You can train with Bobby at CrossFit Praxis located at 2217 14th ST NW Washington, DC.

For more info on the box, follow Praxis on Facebook and Twitter