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9 Washington DC Area Instructors Who Cycle Outdoors

9 Washington DC Area Instructors Who Cycle Outdoors

by: Dru Ryan
Sunday, October 7, 2018 - 7:00am

Dru Ryan, the author.

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The Washington DC area is a hotbed for cycling activities, ranking #3 in the country for percentage of people who bike to work. When it comes to the number of indoor cycling studios per capita, we may be number one. With over 400 miles of bike trails in the DMV, there are a few indoor cycling instructors that take advantage of this populace both indoor and out.

If your goal is to improve as an outdoor rider or runner (indoor cycling intervals that make you a better runner), it makes sense to ride with someone who knows the journey.

Check out these DC area instructors who ride outdoors:

Liz Westbrook, Off-Road DC @tiny_triathelete

A competitive triathlete, Liz shares her training and nutrition tips, as well as complete race reports, on her Instagram account.


Chuck Harney, Mint DC (DuPont), @bikerackdc

Chuck is a beast on the road -- just check Strava for proof. He’s a former champion road racer and current owner of DC’s best bike shop The Bike Rack.

Rana Baz, Equinox Tysons Corner @sweatwithrana

A triathlete and paddleboarder, Rana's bicycle journey is a fairly new one. Perfect for those just starting off.


Cameron Quick, Cycled MD @quickfitnesscoach

Cameron quick is a regular in the local racing circuit. Riding for Team P.H.A.S.E., he visited the podium on multiple occasions this season.


Lauren Belisle, Wired Cycling @laurenlaughs

Lauren is a triathlete who has pedaled, literally, all over the world. Check her out at Wired cycling.


Brad Golson Flywheel - DuPont @jbgolson

An endurance athlete and coach, Brad’s class designs will get your body ready for long distance bike treks.


Samantha Fristenberg, Equinox Bethesda @sfirstie

Samantha teaches precision running at Equinox while not competing in triathlons around the United States.


Ron Benedict, Gold’s Gym Ballston

A mainstay in DC’s triathlon community, if you are into swimming and running, his cycling class is for you.


Robert Teri Crunch Gym

This former BMX rider now gets miles in on the road bike. His high-intensity classes are a reflection of his riding style.


About the Author

Dru Ryan is a daily bike commuter, indoor cycling coach (EquinoxCrunch, Mint DC) and road cyclist who averages 200 miles a week. Follow Dru on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook or visit his website