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Bonnaroo Playllist

Bonnaroo Playllist

by: Dru Ryan
Friday, June 15, 2018 - 12:38pm

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With all the CAPS stuff going on, the big music festival Bonnaroo almost seemed like a non-event if you live in DC.  Thursday, when the Capitals won their first Stanley Cup, also marked the beginning of the four-day musical extravaganza.  Kinda like the Coachella of the East coast, top acts such as Eminem, The Killers, Alt-J, and Bon Iver descended on Manchester Tennessee to play for crowds approaching 75,000 people.  

Missed it?  All is not lost.  This Bonnaroo 2018 inspired playlist provides the opportunity to burn calories AND listen to great music.   After a warm-up, you’ll encounter four blocks of songs. Each set to a different cycling goal: cadence, intervals, climbs and attacks.


CADENCE -- Warm-up your legs with cadence above 75 RPMs.

INTERVALS -- 15? 30? 60? second pushes with recovery.  GO FOR IT!

CLIMBS -- Think of it like a valley… up, down, finally back up.

ATTACK -- Sprint, surge, stand . . .push your limits

Recover, then find your favorite song, click it, and finish STRONG!

Questions, comments, suggestions?  I’ll respond in the comments below.  


About the Author

Dru Ryan is a daily bike commuter, indoor cycling coach (EquinoxCrunch, Mint DC) and road cyclist who averages 200 miles a week. Follow Dru on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook or visit his website