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Featured Fitness Class Instructor: Gregg Pitts Of Zengo Cycle

Featured Fitness Class Instructor: Gregg Pitts Of Zengo Cycle

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 - 12:48am

Gregg Pitts.

About Gregg: "Instructor for Zengo Cycle, Gregg Pitts has been delivering sold-out indoor cycling classes in DC since 2009. Gregg's passion for the nexus of beats, rhythm and athleticism on an indoor bike is evident in his fun, high-energy and challenging classes.  As a former White House staffer, Gregg has been in Washington, DC for 10 years. He and his husband Brooks reside in the district."
Greg was kind enough to answer questions for us in the first installment of our Featured Fitness Class Instructor series. 
1. How did you become an indoor cycling instructor?
I am a true success story that indoor cycling works for weight loss. Following my job at the White House in 2009, I lost 60 lbs taking 4-5 indoor cycling classes/week (and changing my eating habits!).   It truly was a life changing experience, so I decided that I wanted to give back what I received, in turn I became an instructor! 
2. What do you see as the biggest fitness benefits of indoor cycling?
Indoor cycling combines mind and body components, as well as, cardio and strength exercises into a group exercise workout.  Riders like the group aspect of "riding as a team" and always changing beats and challenging exercises.   My classes at Zengo Cycle offer a full-body workout that engages the mind and release from the stresses and rigors of life in Washington, DC. 
3. What are the essential elements of a good indoor cycling class?
I have a "them not me" attitude.  When I walk into the studio the next 50 minutes are all about the riders I am there to teach.  The most important element I can bring is positive energy!  Other essential elements are the music and workout and how they are customized for each specific class. 

4. How do you curate playlists for class? Share one with us!
Now this is my specialty! Putting together a playlist is a bit like putting together a puzzle.  Each class has a unique playlist and a customized workout. I spend a lot time on music and I love it.  I pull from many different resources for music: my favorite artists, blogs, fellow instructors, friends, and other sources.  As my husband can attest there are many nights I sit in our living room with headphones plugged-in sampling music and assembling workouts.  My playlist is always done well before my class, however, I do one final review the few minutes prior to class, as the Zengo Logan staff knows well! 
Playlist Available on Spotify 
5. What is the biggest mistake you see cyclers make in class?
Form is really important and over time, incorrect form and poor posture can lead to injury.  I encourage riders to drop their shoulders down and keep their head up.  Relaxing through the upper body and hands enables them to focus on riding to the beat. 
6. Please offer advice for someone considering indoor cycling as a form of exercise. Any first class tips?
The biggest piece of advice is to come ready for fun!   I am not in the business of making people feel pain, so if your body is telling you to stop, listen to it.  New riders may have a vision of a screaming, in-your-face instructor, but that is not me. My goal is not to tear down riders, but to inspire and build them up, so they leave feeling challenged, energized, and positive. Also, if the pace or instruction are confusing, that's alright! You're in good company, as I could barely keep-up my first time.  One treat I have is to watch first timers go from the back row to rocking-out the front row in a few short months.  
7. Do you have an essential article of indoor cycling-related gear? What is it?
Lululemon Pace Breaker (from our friends at Lulu Logan) shorts and a Zengo hat!   
8. Where/when can folks come take a class with you? 
I have 9 regular classes/week at Zengo Cycle and sometimes 1 or 2 theme or charity classes each week, as well. Follow me on Facebook "Gregg Pitts Cycle" where I post my weekly schedule each Sunday! 

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