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Interview with Elizabeth Cutler of SoulCycle

Interview with Elizabeth Cutler of SoulCycle

Thursday, July 24, 2014 - 7:45am

Elizabeth Cutler, founder of SoulCycle.

About SoulCycle:"Co-founded by Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice, SoulCycle opened its first location in New York City in 2006. By combining a unique mental component of inspirational coaching, with great music, and a full-body workout on a bike, SoulCycle immediately reinvented indoor-studio cycling and simultaneously innovated boutique cardio fitness in the marketplace.

Today, over 8,000 riders take SoulCycle classes everyday to release stress, burn fat, tone muscle, and change their bodies and lives. At SoulCycle riders burn calories, and tone their upper bodies using hand weights and core-engaging choreography. The SoulCycle brand experience is high energy, results-oriented, and community based. The exercise program focuses on rhythm and the “energy of the pack,” which creates a strong bond between riders. Familiar faces in SoulCycle studios include Oprah, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Olivia Wilde, David Beckham, and Bradley Cooper. SoulCycle is expected to expand from its current thirty locations to upwards of sixty locations over the next five years with additional studios in New York, Los Angeles, London, and beyond."

Elizabeth was kind enough to answer questions about SoulCycle and its expansion into the Washington D.C. area.

1. How did SoulCycle get started?
Julie and I started the business because we wanted a workout that was inspiring, fun, challenging and transformative, it didn’t exist, so we created it. 

2. What makes SoulCycle classes special?
Each and every SoulCycle class delivers a full-body workout, in a candlelit serene studio, with a customized rocking playlist. And instead of yelling at you, SoulCycle instructors are like motivational coaches, pushing you to be the best version of yourself, on and off the bike.

3. One of SoulCycle's hallmarks is the extensive training it provides to its instructors. Please tell us a little about this program and how it improves the experience for riders.
We have an unparalleled training program. All our instructors go through a 12-week training program and we run an in-house hospitality program for all our front desk, management and corporate staff. The training program is proprietary so we don't share details but it spans everything from building riding techniques to creating an awesome playlist.

4. Is it safe to say music is an important aspect of SoulCycle classes? How are playlists curated?
At SoulCycle we ride to the rhythm of the music so it’s a huge part of the class. Our instructors are DJ’s and create unique playlists for every ride.

5. For someone who has never been to a class before, what should he/she expect? Any helpful tips for preparation?
Show up 10-15 minutes early so we can help you get set up on the bike, and have fun!

Press image provided by SoulCycle.

6. For many folks, working out with others is not just exercise, but a social experience as well. How does SoulCyclepromote community amongst its members inside/outside of the studio?
For us, SoulCycle is community. In every studio our riders and instructors forge real relationships—its what Julie and I always envisioned and we know DC will build its own amazing SoulCycle community. We also have a highly engaged social audience and we respond to everyone who writes to us on our  social media platforms. 

7. After the big Washington D.C. opening in August, do you have any other local SoulCycle news for our readers?
Yes! We will be opening a second location in Bethesda before the end of the year.

Read more about SoulCycle in our recent post about the new facility opening in August.