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The Biggest Mistakes Riders Make in Indoor Cycling Classes

The Biggest Mistakes Riders Make in Indoor Cycling Classes

Thursday, January 4, 2018 - 8:46am
The Biggest Mistakes Riders Make in Indoor Cycling Classes

We asked our Featured Cycling Instructors what the biggest mistake they see riders make in class. Here are their answers.


We are our own worst critics! The biggest mistake I see people making is focusing far too much on trying to be perfect. Perfection is boring, I really try to get people to a place where they can let go and check out of whatever is happening outside of those four walls. That means just feeling the music and taking the pressure off.



Damion with two Revolve riders at his Bad Boys of Hip Hop theme ride. 

Knees splaying outward. Bad. Shrugged shoulders with head down. Eyes up! Not trying!! Worst of all.



Photo by Kirsten Versaggi. 

I think a bad habit people get into is relying solely on their legs for class and forget about the rest of their body. Even though your legs move the pedals you still need to engage your abs to draw more power, activate your back to maintain a good posture and bring the strength into your core as opposed to griping the handlebars. I always tell my members that cycling isn't just for your legs - you should use your whole body!



Zengo Cycle's Katherine Heidenberger

People dropping their heads/looking down when they are tired. Keep your chin up! It flattens your spine, opens your airway, and acts as "super man/woman" pose to keep you confident. YOU GOT THIS.



Kate Champgne "KC"

Stay hydrated! While only 45 minutes, SoulCyle is an extremely intense workout and it’s important to hydrate not only during and after, but before class as well. Failure to hydrate and properly nourish your body before a class can result in fatigue, nausea, and may limit the functionality of your muscles.



Sunny Mae

Overthinking. When we allow ourselves to let go, and we stop worry about what we think our body can't do, it allows us to explore what it can do. Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect, that we lose the fun. Working out should feel good. It is your time to let go; judgement free.



I usually tell my riders that if they wanted to have fun, they'd have gone to happy hour. Or brunch. But I promise a little fun too!

Sacrificing form for speed! I see so many people putting too much weight on the arms and leaning forward over the handlebars in order to increase their leg speed. The work is all in the legs, my friends. The party's in your lower body!



Improper bike setup! Whether the saddle is too low or too high or you're too far away from your handlebars, it's going to be uncomfortable and you could injure yourself. Definitely let the instructor know if you're new or if something feels off. We're happy to help and want you to have a great experience!



Improper bike setup! I always ask if there are first-timers to indoor cycling because it's important to know how high your seat should be, length of extension to your legs, support to your back, etc. Who'd thought indoor cycling can be this complicated LOL.



When people lean over he handle bars or are seated too low, they put unnecessary pressure on their knees.It kills me when I see instructors with bad form and then students follow