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Everyday Warrior Yoga and Martial Arts Intensive

Everyday Warrior Yoga and Martial Arts Intensive

Friday, June 15, 2018 - 11:05am

Everyday Warrior Yoga and Marital Arts Camp


It’s those everyday moments 

when we don't want to get out of bed, 

we don't want to do the hard thing,

have the uncomfortable conversation….

we feel like we can't go on, 

like we are not strong enough or good enough. 

Like everyone else gets it, and we are just on the outside looking in. 

These are the moments that define and Everyday Warrior and through physical and psychological Fight Camp, we want to give you the tools, emotional/mental resilience, and community to not just survive but thrive and transform. 

Feeling it all and moving through. 

Falling down and rising again each day.

Train with us, grow with us, rise with us. 

Join Angela Meyer, 202Strong and Warrior Woman Republic,  for a 4 hour intensive experience geared towards Yogis who want to take their Asana practice to the next level, integrating Martial Arts and Self Defense, becoming more powerful, balanced and action oriented. 

In a safe, nurturing, yet challenging environment, give yourself the kickstart you need to find your fight, be inspired towards change, and feel stronger in every aspect of your life. 

*Self Defense for the Modern Day Yoga.

*Unleash your Warrior Spirit through Yoga Asana

*Express your true power.  Find your voice.  

*Cultivate the Everyday Warrior in You. 


Sunday July 1st 1-5pm 

(with an optional community pot luck/drinks afterwards) 

Cost: $100


More Information:

1722 I street NW
20006 Washington , DC

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