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Lake Presidential Golf Course

Lake Presidential Golf Course is located southeast of the District, about 25 miles from the heart of DC. The course was ranked #5 in's Best Public Courses in Maryland (2012), and it is not hard to understand why. The layout is visually pleasing and diverse, including a few large elevation changes and numerous doglegs. The course contains a copious amount of bunkers and water hazards, which make it tight and challenging. We played the course in December and it was in excellent condition. We also liked the GPS graphics displayed in the cart, which made it easier to hit the proper shot and avoid trouble.
Last Played: 
December, 2012
Overall Difficulty (1-5: 1=Easy, 5=Difficult) Green Speed (1-5: 1=Slow, 5=Fast) Rough (1-5: 1=Short, 5=Long)
TeesRatingSlope Yards
Black 72.11376835
Condition1-5 : 1=Poor, 5=Excellent
Tee boxes5
Driving RangeYes
Putting AreaYes
Short Game AreaYes
Golf Course Location: 
Lake Presidential Golf Course
3151 Presidential Golf Drive
Upper Marlboro, MD
Green Fees: 
$30-59. These are winter rates, see the course website for up-to-date information.
Phone Number: 
(301) 627-8577
Additional Notes: 

Lake Presidential is a great golf course, we highly recommend it. We really like the in-cart GPS that takes away a lot of the guess work required when selecting clubs. It is especially helpful if you have never played the course before.

While we had a great experience, some folks that posted on Yelp did not share our positive sentiments. There is not a large number of reviews so the sample is probably biased and small, but you may want to read a few before playing.

The course layout is diverse, with doglegs and some elevation changes (holes 12 and 13, for example). There is quite a bit of water, which will present some stiff challenges for the high-handicapper. Copious and well-placed bunkers require that you think about your shots. Most holes present very tight tee shots. You will want to have your driver, or a 3-wood, on point when playing.

Most of the aprons and areas immediately surrounding the greens had short grass, which can cause trouble on approach shots and chips. We had a few balls roll back close to their starting point when chipping up onto the green. The greens themselves had some speed and sneaky slopes. Take a little extra time to read putts and avoid losing strokes.

When we played in December the course was, generally speaking, in great condition. The fairways were a bit chopped up with divots and had some dead grass, which explains the average rating for fairways.

Other than the 150 yard stick (black and white), there isn't a lot in the way of yardage markers. So if you are going to walk the course, you may want to pick up a course guide with yardages. The course is not terribly hilly, but there is some distance between many holes, so expect to walk a bit more than average for a course of similar length.

We played in winter when water coolers are not out, so we can't comment on their frequency.

Hole 1, Lake Presidential Golf Course
Hole 6, Lake Presidential Golf Course
Hole 7, Lake Presidential Golf Course
Hole 8, Lake Presidential Golf Course
Hole 9, Lake Presidential Golf Course
Hole 12, Lake Presidential Golf Course
Hole 13, Lake Presidential Golf Course
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