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The November Project

The November Project

Friday, February 21, 2020 - 8:44am
Event Time: 
Friday, November 27, 2020 - 6:30am

From Facebook: "

Now in its fifth year and led by three fierce leaders, November Project DC has grown into a local force of free fitness, smiles, and community. Take this city by storm. Change the way DC views fitness, the District, and life in general. ALL ages. ALL levels of fitness. #JustShowUp.


Mondays at Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park (6:30AM, Joan of Arc Statue), last Monday of the month at Capitol Hill (6:30AM, Peace Circle).

Wednesdays, 5:25AM and 6:20AM at the Lincoln Memorial steps. Please abstain from bringing a bag (for security reasons) unless you’d like to do the trekkers workout (aka the same workout but carrying your bag).

Fridays, 6:30AM at new location each week (listed each Wednesday on our social media channels, in our latest blog post, on the TRACKER, AND our Google Calendar). Look for the masses. Tracker:

Workout descriptions: anyone of any fitness level can and should participate. The workout can easily be molded to fit what you’re looking for/capable of! 

Mondays: ~30min workout of hill repeats combined with spice* 

Wednesdays: ~35-40min workout of stairs (Lincoln Memorial) and flat running combined with spice*. The last Wednesday of each month is PR Day, a workout geared for everyone to push themselves and try to improve their time from month to month and earn that PR! 

Fridays: ~20min circuit workouts. We explore our city, visiting a different part of the District each week. People are encouraged to bike or run to the workout. On Fridays, there is less running and more forms of spice*

*SPICE: body-weight exercises, many of them partner-based so you meet new people. Think push-ups, squats, dips, any exercise working any part of the body. 

Questions? Just ask! Check out the FAQ page too: Or #JustShowUp and see for yourself how fun every single workout is. At November Project, your fitness level, your age, your background — none of it matters. Every workout is for anyone. See you soon!"

Lincoln Memorial
2 Lincoln Memorial Cir NW
Washington , DC

Reminder: ACTIVE LIFE DC IS NOT A FITNESS PROVIDER!  We do not supervise these Events and are not involved in any way with the planning or administration of these Events. Always check with the event host before attending as event information can change without our knowledge. By using this website you agree to the following Terms (updated Nov 2014).