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Gymnastics Strength Training Seminar

Gymnastics Strength Training Seminar

by: ali_UAC
Sunday, March 4, 2018 - 12:31pm
February 9, 2018 - 11:03am -- ali_UAC


$129 Early Bird

Muscle Up, Rope Climb, & Handstand Progressions. Save time in your own training by learning the correct techniques to help you dominate!

Mauricio Valle and Aric Lee, coaches from Evolve To Fit Gymnastic Bodies NoVA will be conducting a 3-hour Seminar on some fundamental principles of gymnastics movement. 

GymnasticBodies is an adult Gymnastic Strength Training (GST) program created by coach Christopher Sommer.

The 3-hour seminar will cover:
• Gymnastic Ring Work with an emphasis on false grip;
• Mobility Drills to assist with ring support, muscle up, back lever and rope climb;
• Floor exercises to improve pushing mechanics (planche, side lever, front lever, manna and single leg squats (pistols).
• Stretching techniques for thoracic mobility, middle and front splits. 

$99 Early bird
$129 after Feb 28
Space is limited! 
Please register to hold your spot.

Urban Athletic Club
804 N St NW
20001 Washington, DC

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