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Thursday, November 2, 2017 - 8:47am

Elementalchemy: Heavenly Metal

Deep Restorative Yoga to quiet the mind and still the Soul.
Live Music and ambient sounds for healing the Creative Spirit.




The creative, primal power, that is light giving, active, strong and of the spirit is related to the element Metal. This includes the power of time and persisting in time, duration. The image is Heaven.

Beautiful gems symbolizing endurance, love, preservation and long lasting life are aspects of Metal. Ores are the intensity of the earth. The nature of Metal is associated with substance, strength and structure. Metal creates pathways where rivers and streams flow, conducts electricity, builds networks and is a main ingredient in communication systems.

In the human body, Metal relates to the process of assimilation and elimination, ruled by the Lungs and the Large Intestine. The Lungs receive pure Chi (energy/prana) from the heavens and are responsible for rhythmic order. Lungs effect all the rhythms of the body-mind, not the least of which is blood flow. The Large Intestine is the generator of evolution and change, the main concern of its function is storage and elimination of waste. 

Our yoga practice incorporates active and passive yoga asana, including inversions (headstand), backbends and twists with lots of reinforcement and bolstering. Enhanced with Chi Kung Healing meditations for potent energy-body cleansing and clearing.

Using folding metal chairs, blankets, blocks and pillows to fortify asana, encourage the opening of subtle pathways and energetic flows for integration, relaxation and breathing space. Holding each position for several minutes, you will be guided to use physical adjustments, breath and awareness to dissolve obstructions, eliminate energy that doesn’t belong, and rewire the nervous system to rest in deep peace.

The season of Metal is Autumn, time of reaping and harvesting the fruits of the year, as well as, preparing for protection from winter. The three months of Fall are called the period of tranquility of ones conduct. Returning to the seed, our inner spirit essence, what we no longer need falls away. Moving mindfully we consolidate our strengths and harvest our resources to store within ourselves, nourishment during times of austerity.

“Great indeed is the generating power of the Creative; all beings owe their beginning to it. This power permeates all heaven.” – Confucius


Bhakti Yoga DC
928 5th Street NW
20011 Washington, DC

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