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Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain

Wednesday, July 8, 2015 - 2:14pm
Sugarloaf Mountain is a privately-owned, but free park located about 35 miles north of the District. The small mountain was considered by Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a site for a presidential retreat. However, he was urged by the mountain's owner businessman Gordon Strong to choose a site on the nearby Catoctin Mountain. The president's loss is your gain as Sugarloaf Mountain provides nice views and offers a challenging, tree-covered hike.
Very Good
Photo Op: 
Any of the Views are good spots for photos. In our opinion, the East View is the best.
Sugarloaf Mountain
7901 Comus Rd
Dickerson, MD
Metro Accessible: 
Additional Directions: 
Enter the park through the main entrance. The road will take you to the East View parking lot, where this hike begins.
What to Bring: 
Bring water and snacks, there is no place to purchase either on the park grounds. Pack a picnic and sit at one of the tables located adjacent to the East View parking lot (see image below). Don't forget bug spray.
Additional Information: 

This is a challenging hike, due to some large hills and rough terrain. Dogs are allowed, but we would not walk them on this particular hike. Trying to control a leashed pet on the Orange or Green Trail would be very difficult. The White and Blue Trail portions of this hike are more appropriate for a dog walk. However, note that we have not hiked all portions of the Blue and White Trails and therefore cannot comment on the portions not part of this hike. You begin on the Orange Trail, a steep uphill climb on a rocky path. The Green Trail portion of the hike is largely downhill and can be tricky when the ground is wet or icy. See the images below to get an idea what you are in for. Further instructions regarding this hike are provided with the trail map provided with this article. The park closes one hour before dark. Watch the time so that you do not get trapped on the mountain. The park website warns that copperhead and timber rattlesnakes live in the park. Keep an eye out for these poisonous snakes. Mountain biking is allowed on the yellow trail. See the park map. As always check the park website before visiting to check out potential safety warnings and other park news. When you are done with your hike, reward yourself with a glass of wine at the nearby Sugarloaf Winery. The vineyard received the Washington Post Express' "Best of 2012: Vineyard." Visit the Sugarloaf Vineyard Website for details.

Environmental conditions in cities, parks, etc. can change rapidly and without our knowledge. We do not make any claims as to the accuracy of information presented on this page. Further, hiking can be a dangerous activity that may result in bodily harm and possibly death. We hope the information that we provide will help you prepare for your hike, but do not imply that the information provided is complete. It is your responsibility to prepare yourself for whatever challenges you may face. If you decide to use any of the information on this page, you do so at your own risk.

"peering over the brink" by Flickr user Blake Patterson. License

Sugarloaf Mountain View

"Sugarloaf Mountain View HDR" by Flickr user MrTinDC. License.

Sugarloaf Mountain, East View
Sugarloaf Mountain, Orange Trail
Sugarloaf Mountain, Green Trail
Sugarloaf Mountain, Stone House
Sugarloaf Mountain, White Rocks
Sugarloaf Mountain, White Rocks
Sugarloaf Mountain, Trail Marker
Sugarloaf Mountain, Blue Trail
Sugarloaf Mountain East View picnic table


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