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Interview with Power Supply DC's Robert Morton

Interview with Power Supply DC's Robert Morton

Monday, February 2, 2015 - 5:42am
Interview with Power Supply DC's Robert Morton

Robert Morton is part owner of Power Supply DC. About Robert, from the Power Supply DC website: "Our communicator and people person. Software exec turned intentional food/fitness advocate, sourcing nerd, lover of words, alumnus of great brands (Motley Fool, Blackboard), unabashed booster for local food community, mirth-seeker."

Robert was kind enough to answer questions for us about Power Supply DC and its healthy eating options.

In a nutshell, tell us what services Power Supply DC offers.
Great tasting food that’s also really good for you and super simple to get.  That’s the core of what we make to help busy/active folks fuel up and save time for other stuff they love doing. So that they’re getting awesome tasting food that they can also feel good about because it’s crafted fresh, full of nutritional punch, responsibly (and often locally) sourced and made locally by talented chefs from this community.

The Power Supply DC Team 

Really quickly take us through the process of ordering and obtaining meals.  
We’re all about simple choice.  So folks order online at choosing 3 or 5 day plans and picking the menu that best fits how they eat (meat, no meat, etc.). Then we deliver their meals to the spot they chose from one of our 90 pickup locations or straight to them with our new home/office delivery service.     

We start you with an already composed menu each week so if you want to simply click a button and leave the rest to us (for either a one-time or recurring order), no worries.  But we also know food’s a subjective realm, so we make it easy to customize whatever menu you choose, shucking and jiving to get just the meal mix you want from our 25 choices each week. 

Tell us about the team of chefs that prepare the meals. How many are there? What are their backgrounds?
It’s an incredibly diverse and talented bunch spanning the food world from restaurant to food truck, private chef, caterer, specialty maker and more. There are now 8 different local chefs preparing meals, soups and bars for our customers. 

Why work with a network of independent local chefs like this instead of just one chef?

Because the road to food happiness over time is paved with variety, not just in the number of menu items, but in the number of different talented chefs interpreting those menu items, coming up with their distinct take on a dish.  

So we shoot for the equivalent of a restaurant crawl that happens wherever you already live, work or play.  Cause why eat at the same joint every time if you don’t have to?

Robert discusses his approach to exercise and eating in this Power Supply profile.

Where does the food come from?
All our meals are made here in the DMV by local chefs using responsibly sourced, often local ingredients.  

Have you found that your products resonate particularly well with certain groups of people? If so, which ones?
No doubt there’s a special connection between our food and busy folks living an active life who want great tasting food that’s easily had and that can fuel whatever adventures their off on. But what’s fun for us and increasingly common is hearing from people from all stops on the fitness and “healthy” eating spectrum who simply want some good-for-them food in their house without a ton of hassle.  So they can feel better about what they eat.  In either case, if we can help folks get more real, whole foods into their regimen, while saving some time for other things they love…. well, we’re happy.

Talk about value. What about Power Supply's products makes them a good value for the price?
A freshly prepared, responsibly (often locally) sourced meal, with good-stuff ingredients but no gluten or dairy, prepared with care by a talented local chef, with detailed nutritional information, in a constantly rotating menu of creative recipes, delivered to your gym, home or office, all at a price comparable to many of the popular local chains… we like the value in that equation for sure.  

But what our customers tell us is even more valuable? Bordering on the unprice-able if that’s a word?  The time they get back from not having to do all the good-for-you food prep themselves. Time they go off and use for all the other stuff in their lives that they love to do.  

By perusing the list of pick up locations, it is easy to tell that you work a lot with local gyms. How can local fitness professionals get involved?
Check out our Maven program. Designed to help fitness and nutrition professionals more easily answer the very common “what should I eat?” question, this referral program is a super easy way for these trusted advisors to pass on an easy solution for their clients’ good eating mix, while getting rewarded for their efforts.  

Power Supply DC also recently became the first prepared meal provider to be REAL (Responsible Epicurean and Agricultural Leadership) Certified by the US Healthful Food Council (USHFC).  Read more.