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Mother's Day Self Love Mini Retreat

Mother's Day Self Love Mini Retreat

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - 10:55pm

Photo by Flickr user debony. License


From Lil Omm's website: Come celebrate your day with our 6th annual Mother's Day gathering. On Mother’s Day, we expect love coming our way. Yet self-love is a challenge for many mothers. Where is the self-love and acceptance of ourSELVES? What would life feel like if we loved ourselves and forgave ourselves unconditionally? Loving starts at home. Give yourself the gift of self-love on Mother’s day. Join Pleasance and Alex for some fabulous yoga, journaling, meditation, and a luxurious night for ourselves sure to be filled with LOVE. 

This is the introduction to a 4-part series of powerful MOM’S UP!/ Dharma Moms/ workshops designed to help women support themselves through the challenges that motherhood offers us in today’s fast paced world. These workshops will be co-facilitated by Alexandra Hughes and Pleasance Silicki"

Lil Omm Yoga
4708 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest
20016 Washington, DC

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