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We are happy to offer Washington DC area fitness lovers an opportunity to participate directly in Active Life DC. Washington DC area folks may submit a variety of fitness-focused posts for consideration. Submission and publication of content is FREE of charge.

Examples include:

Fitness-related Classes/Events: local fitness providers may upload upcoming classes and events to our calendar. We have over 25K monthly visitors! Our calendar is a great way to get your event noticed. Also, keep an eye out for special promotional opportunities. We will include information about them on our Events/Classes upload page.

Class/Event Reviews: submit reviews of Washington DC area fitness classes/events. Give your favorite studio/instructor some good press!

Blog Posts: share personal experiences, tips, and other fitness-related articles.  If you are a Washington DC area fitness blogger, this is a great way to get extra press for your blog. Fitness providers may submit studio news and information about specials, as well as tip articles useful for our audience. 

Featured Instructors: local fitness pros can apply to be a Featured Fitness Instructor, Featured Yogi, Featured CrossFit Instructor, Featured Trainer, or Featured Cyling Instructor.

Places: fitness providers can be listed in our database of local fitness providers and have their own Places page on ALDC containing links to classes, posts, and class reviews [COMING SOON].

To get started, LOGIN. After doing so, click MY CONTENT on the main menu and you will find a menu listing available options. To increase the probability of publication, please read all the guidelines carefully! 

And remember, by using ALDC you agree to our Terms of Use.