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Rock Creek Park - Northern Loop

Rock Creek Park - Northern Loop

Sunday, December 30, 2012 - 4:06pm
This short hike starts at the border between Maryland and the District of Columbia. The hike takes you along creek and provides some nice elevated views. It is prettiest in Fall, but makes for a great dog walk anytime of year.
Photo Op: 
You should be able to get some good shots of the creek, especially after a rainstorm.
DC-MD Boundary Bridge Chevy Chase, MD
Metro Accessible: 
Additional Directions: 
There is a small parking lot near the bridge. If the lot is full, then drive about 0.3mi north on Beach Drive. There is another public parking lot across the street from the intersection of Pinehurst and Beach, near the softball fields. You can pick up the Rock Creek Trail path there and make your way south to Boundary Bridge.
What to Bring: 
There is nowhere to buy food or water on this hike, so bring your own. Bring the trail map attached to this page.
Additional Information: 

See this map for more details on parking.

There are a couple of decent hills on the trail so we rank it moderate in difficulty. Generally speaking, the trails were in good shape, but as always you need to be careful for rocks, roots, and sticks buried under leaves.

Begin in the parking lot near Boundary Bridge. You will be starting the hike on Rock Creek Park's Village Trail (pink trail on the map).

About 0.8 mi into the hike, the trail splits. Go to your right under the bridge so that you do not need to cross W Beach Dr.

You will be on the trail for another 0.9mi when the trail splits again. Instead of staying on the Village Trail, make a right and cross the bridge (Riley Spring Bridge). After crossing the bridge you will need to cross Beach Drive. Be careful here as speeding cars are common.

After crossing the street, you will bear to the right as you make your way to toward the Western Ridge Trail (green trail on the map). You make it to the Western Ridge Trail about 0.4mi after you cross Beach Drive. Make a right.

In another 0.2 mi or so, you will cross Wise Rd. Again exercise caution as cars speed on these roads. Continue straight ahead and after another 0.7mi and you should see the parking lot adjacent to Boundary Bridge where you started.

Environmental conditions in cities, parks, etc. can change rapidly and without our knowledge. We do not make any claims as to the accuracy of information presented on this page. Further, hiking can be a dangerous activity that may result in bodily harm and possibly death. We hope the information that we provide will help you prepare for your hike, but do not imply that the information provided is complete. It is your responsibility to prepare yourself for whatever challenges you may face. If you decide to use any of the information on this page, you do so at your own risk.
Boundary Bridge, Rock Creek Park
Rock Creek Park
Valley Trail, Rock Creek Park
Valley Trail Sign, Rock Creek Park
Riley Spring Bridge, Rock Creek Park
Western Ridge Trail, Rock Creek Park