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11 Trainers Tell Us Their Favorite Washington DC Area Spots to Get a Healthy Meal

11 Trainers Tell Us Their Favorite Washington DC Area Spots to Get a Healthy Meal

Sunday, January 14, 2018 - 6:12pm
Washington DC Healthy Meals

'Sweetgreen' by kennejimma. License

Active Life DC: While eating out is generally not the healthiest option, it doesn't mean that it has to be a diet killer. Plenty of restaurants offer healthy options these days. What is your favorite restaurant in or near Washington D.C. to get a healthy meal? What is your favorite dish to eat at this establishment?


Featured Yogi: Jennie Light, Owner Bluebird Sky Yoga
My favorite place in DC to get a healthy meal is Busboys and Poets. As a vegetarian, I appreciate their countless options. I also really applaud the organization for all the ways they support nonprofits, change-makers, and artists in the community. On the weekends, I stop by the Brookland Farmer's Market to pick up fresh produce to fuel me during the week.


Featured Trainer: Maz Movahed of Zone 4
My favorite spot is Moby Dicks. It’s an authentic Persian kabob house that uses traditional cooking techniques. I’m Persian, so it’s easy for me to get enveloped by the atmosphere.


VIDA Fitness Instructor of the Month: Gitanjali Borkar
"I love salads at SweetGreen! They are located near the VIDA Fitness clubs where I regularly teach, so I enjoy refueling with one after a tough class. I also love Merzi in Chinatown, which serves healthier versions of the indulgent, delicious Indian fare I grew up eating. I wish they had more locations throughout the DC Metro Area!" 


Catherine Doyle of VIDA Fitness
"I love Cava Mezze Grill in Chinatown. I have a pretty hectic schedule and don’t always have a long lunch break. Not only is Cava close to the gym; it’s quick and delicious!"


Featured Trainer: Rhys Gully of Explosive Performance
Cava is one of my favorite places to grab a bite. It tastes good, is healthy, and I like that they source from local farms.


Aaron Gamble of Sport&Health:
"My favorite place to eat out in DC is Khepra's Raw Food and Juice Bar. Its located at: 402 H St NE, Washington DC 20002. My Favorite dish depends on my mood, lol! The main entree of choice would be a split battle between the coconut crabcake or the nut hemp burger. All the sides are amazing."


Featured Yoga Instructor: Alexis Tressler of 405 Yoga
If I'm looking for a quick meal, I love South Block Juice Co. Their green caveman smoothie is amazing!


Errick McAdams:
"I love the Veggie Scramble at The Diner in Adams Morgan. It's HUGE, so my wife and I split it and order it with no toast and salad instead of potatoes. 
I will admit - sometimes we have the potatoes:):):) 
But never the toast - just depends on how clean our diet was the day before. 
Also, I drink water with every meal and 1st thing in the morning, every morning BEFORE coffee or tea. "


Chris Perrin of Cut 7:
"I love Zaytinya ! It's hard to argue with the Mediterranean diet, and this place has some of the best mediterranean food in DC. Plus I'm a vegetarian, and half of the menu caters to me.

Their hummus is my go-to starter and I usually split one of their salads. Then I typically get the Piyaz (beans, kale, tomato, garlic), the crispy brussels sprouts, and grape leaves. Another great thing about this place is it's all small plates so it's easy not to overeat.


Featured Yogi: Amy Mitchell of ProYOGA
I believe in the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, so Zaytinya is my fav for a healthy bite. If I'm on the go, I tend to grab a Kind bar and a piece of fruit to tide me over (plus a Chai).


Featured Fitness Instructor: Sharita Jennings of #GetFitLikeThat!
I am not vegan but the New Vegan Bistro in Petworth/Shaw is so yummy! How can that mac n cheese be vegan?! I just don't know what magic they are using.

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