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9 DC Area Trainers Tell Us Their Favorite Summer Workout Recovery Drinks

9 DC Area Trainers Tell Us Their Favorite Summer Workout Recovery Drinks

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 - 6:12am

Several of our trainers love coconut water after a hard workout on a hot summer day. Photo by Flickr user John Revo Puno. License.

Active Life DC: Summer time is officially here in the DC area. What is your favorite recovery drink after an outdoor workout on a hot day?

Johanna Kracke of Vigor Fitness:
After a long run out in our lovely DC humidity, I drink a pint glass filled with half orange juice and half water. Hits the spot, and it's cheaper than sports drinks or coconut water! "

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Karim Al-Jabbar of Sports Club/LA:
"My favorite recovery drinks are Pedialyte, Coconut water, and Endurox R4. Pedialyte will make you cramp proof, coconut water is a natural rehydrant, and Endurox is for serious athletes performing multiple high-intensity workouts per week."

Ingrid Nelson
My favorite recovery drink is anything Gouter! Their tonics are hydrating and are the first thing I want after an intense spin class or training session.  I'm currently in love with their seasonal flavor,"Berry Basil". "

Gouter on Facebook

Jaime Andrews of Jaime Andrews Fitness:
After an outdoor workout on a hot day, you’ll find me sipping a smoothie to cool down and recover. I usually make my own at home using banana, strawberries, coconut water, VEGA protein and a little honey, or I’ll stop by Juice Joint for their Blues Cruise. I am also guilty of grabbing an iced coffee at Pitango Gelato on P St, NW on a hot day after a sweat session. Probably not the best for recovery, but hydrating and delicious!"

Josef Brandenburg of the Body You Want
When it’s summer time I love cherries, and this is my favorite recovery shake by far.  Well, that and a lot of ice water because outdoor workouts make me sweat like a pig." 

Madeline Dolente of MAD Fitness:
"My favorite drink after a workout session is spring water followed by coconut water. I prefer the purest kind possible because a lot of the flavored kinds have additional sugar. I like the fresh coconut water that you can sip right out of the coconut at whole foods. Coconut water has both potassium and sodium but is much higher in potassium. If my clients have diets that are very low in sodium and tend to lose more than 5 lbs. of water in a workout, I recommend that they have a few pretzels as well to increase their sodium intake."

Karen White of Equinox:
I love to drink 6-8 ozs of filtered water with 2 TBSP of Braggs Organic Apple Cider, 2 TBSP of raw honey and fresh mint leaves.  Usually, I make an entire gallon, measure accordingly and let it infuse overnight in the fridge.  It's very refreshing when served chilled and I drink it every morning and again post workout.  The ingredients facilitate more energy throughout the day and aid in weight loss, muscle recovery and replenishment of glycogen stores."

Check out Karen and Katie Lebel performing their exercise "K-squared"

Neechi Greer of FITT Bootcamp:
"​I have two go to drinks based on my types of workouts. For crazy cardio days, I'm a huge fan of Gouter's seasonal Berry Basil. It not only ​aids in re-hydration but helps me fight my allergies naturally. For strength training, Jrink's Fuel Me Up II is a definite winner."

Neechie and her JRink

Errick McAdams:
"I am HUGE fan of drinking water. However, if you are working out outside in the DC heat sometimes you might need a little bit more and in that case I recommend Gatorade."