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Featured Trainer: Aaron Gamble of Sport&Health Bethesda

Featured Trainer: Aaron Gamble of Sport&Health Bethesda

Monday, May 5, 2014 - 8:42am

Photo provided by Aaaron Gamble.

About Aaron: "Aaron Gamble is an extraordinary health and fitness professional that teaches, motivates, and encourages individuals and/or groups to conquer the obstacles and challenges that impede health and fitness. Aaron works diligently with his clients and is deeply committed to helping each client achieve his/her fitness goals.  He has led many clients across the threshold from dangerously unfit and inactive to healthy and active.  Among other fitness professionals, Aaron is consistently recognized for his innovative training style that includes using a client’s own bodyweight or a variety of fitness equipment and accessories.

Outside the fitness world Aaron is a proud father of his daughter Harlem. He is a native of Takoma Park, Maryland. He possesses a B.A. in Hospitality Management and an A.A. in Culinary Arts from Stratford University. He enjoys the opportunity to travel. He’s always open to learn how to play new sports and activities. Aaron also spends a lot of his time in the kitchen using is culinary skill and nutritional knowledge to create healthy, well-balanced meals and snacks for his family and friends. Aaron has learned from Jessica Wagner (his certified holistic health coach) that balance is essential, and continues to work towards it with her support and guidance."

Aaron was kind enough to answer questions for us as part of our Featured Trainer series.

1. Share a little about your fitness background. How did you become a personal trainer? How long have you been a trainer?
Was an athlete from little league all the way through high school. I’ve always considered myself to be strong and athletic relative to my environment. I became a certified trainer about 8 years ago in 2006. I've worked in gyms since I was 18 off and on until present time, which is 12 years. I worked in membership sales and wanted to know more about what I was selling. I no longer wanted to sell just the gym, the best monthly dues, the location, but the personal fitness experience. So, I decided to become a certified personal trainer to know more for my self and those I wanted to share the experience with.

2. What makes your approach to personal training unique?
My approach lives up to the title and services offered as a personal trainer. I make the experience very "Personal." I get to know my clients more than they ever envisioned. I make them apart of my family and my personal brand. I seek a perfect balance between personal and professional with each client knowing that everyone is different. I help them connect the dots of life to their health and wellness goals.

3. If you could change one behavior you see in your clients, what would it be?
I would change the behavior of losing faith when the challenges and the commitment needed to succeed feel overwhelming. I know and understand how important the power of belief is when it comes to succeeding, reaching goals, and overcoming obstacles. But I can't make someone else believe. It's a choice they have to make on their own.

4. What is your favorite exercise and why?
I have a huge appreciation for yoga because of the expansive amount of health and wellness benefits. The unlimited possibilities really stimulate your creativity, awareness, and mindfulness. With the right intention, yoga can allow you to be your own doctor, physical therapist, psychologist, trainer, etc.

5. Please share one simple diet tip our readers can incorporate into their daily routine.
Learn to eat foods based upon their health benefits and that align with where you want your health to go. Avoid foods and beverages that sabotage, and/or counterbalance the wise food choices you make.

"What’s eaten in private is seen in public"

6. In addition to being personal trainer, you also have a culinary background. Do you have any tips for making healthy food more enjoyable?
The best way to make healthy food more enjoyable is to combine foods essential to your optimal level of health with other healthy foods that you already love! 
Another option is make heathy foods and beverages in sample size servings. Bite size and shot size make things taste better and not so overwhelming to the palate.

7. What do you like most (and least) about being a trainer?
I like that as I trainer I can meet anyone and believe that there is a possibility for me to share my knowledge, experience, and understanding to have a positive impact on their life. What I like least as a trainer is that people believe that the purchase of your services equal results. Training is not cosmetic surgery. You have an opportunity to change for the better based upon your personal commitment not just your financial investment.

8. Please offer a tip or two for new trainers that are trying to get established.
Tip 1#
Remember, people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. 

Tip 2# 
Never stop evolving as person, trainer, and professional. People are attracted to your progress and growth. Because it allows them the opportunity to grow with you.

Train with Aaron at Sport&Health Bethesda.