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Ready. Set. Flow! Run powered by On

Ready. Set. Flow! Run powered by On

Sunday, November 3, 2019 - 4:03pm

From the Fitness Provider: " Ready. Set. Flow your way to  a Runner's High. "


On Novemeber 13th, drive yourself to find a shortcut to a runner’s high! On this night, =PR= is partnering with On Running to bring you an exclusive look at the new Cloudflow. Participants will run a 4-mile loop of the National Mall with an added twist to take the running experience to the next level.

Runners will push the boundaries and find the shortest route from our 919 F Street location to a yet to be announced landmark destination in DC. Record the route on your favorite tracking device or application such as a gps watch, phone, or Strava. Take the path of your choice...whether it be through a park, an alley, a sidestreet (etc.) all while obeying all traffic crossings and laws.

The top five runners with the shortest route will win an On branded prize. After reaching the predetermined destination of the night, runners will regroup and run back to the store together.

Stick around post-run for an On after-party with prizes, drinks, and snacks!

You can also join the On Run Club on Strava to help track your distance.

Ready. Set. Flow. your way to a Runner's High with =PR= and On."

919 F Street Northwest
20004 Washington, DC

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