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10 Washington DC Area Fitness Pros Share Their Favorite Outdoor Activities

10 Washington DC Area Fitness Pros Share Their Favorite Outdoor Activities

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 9:19am
10 Washington DC Area Fitness Pros Share Their Favorite Outdoor Activities

'Great Falls' by Mehul Antani. License.

Featured Yogi: Jennie Light, Owner Bluebird Sky Yoga

'Once a month I teach yoga outside at Stone Tower Winery in Leesburg, VA. I love making a day of it and either hiking or hanging out at the Vineyard in the afternoon. We usually bring our dog with us to Virginia and let him run around exploring the outdoors. In DC, I spend many afternoons exploring the National Arboretum in NE. It's incredible to see the landscape change with the seasons and to see the new growth every year.'


Featured Yoga Instructor: Alexis Tressler of 405 Yoga

'I love running to Roosevelt Island - it's like a little slice of heaven in the middle of DC.'

Theodore Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island


Featured Trainer: David Nickum

'My favorite run in the DC area has to be the Mount Vernon Trail. The views are top notch and there is a great amount of mileage that can be covered. During the warmer months the trail also provides water stops if you are feeling thirsty. If you’re in the DC area I would highly recommend checking it out.'


Featured Trainer: Fay Grove from Sport&Health

'One of my favorite outdoor activities downtown is rowing around the Potomac. There are a few different boats and boards that you can rent to paddle around the Georgetown waterfront and take in the monuments on a nice summer day. It's one of the most "Washington" things you can do.'

Check out the Boating in DC website for information about rowing, kayaking, etc. on the Potomac.


Featured Fitness Instructor: [solidcore] Coach James Barnett

I have two. There is a hill on 13th street between Florida and Clifton, right next to Cardozo High, that is KILLER. I love doing sprints up the hill combined with a mini circuit, and repeating it. By the third or fourth set, I’m basically walking up the hill. Secondly, as I mentioned, I play and enjoy kickball. It’s just fun to get outside and be active with friends in a positive environment. Team sports have always been important to me, and even though it’s just for fun, it allows that competitive side of me to come out.


Featured Fitness Instructor: Brittney Savitch of Reformation Fitness

'The exorcist stairs in Georgetown. They are great for cardio vascular training as well as muscle endurance.'


Featured Trainer: Colleen Palomaa of VIDA Fitness

'Mary's Rock in Shenandoah National Park is a great hike. It's not too rigorous, and the view from the top is beautiful. My small pup can manage it, and the tree cover keeps the trail cool even on a warmer day. In the District, I enjoy a workout at Meridian Hill Park--it has everything you need for a solid, bodyweight Boot Camp session.'

'Shenandoah National Park 13. Thornton Gap from Mary's Rock, on the AT in Virginia.' by John Hayes. License.


Featured Group Fitness Instructor: Brooke Auxier of MINT

'When the weather permits, I love to run to the Rock Creek Park Exercise Trail. I use the equipment to create a mini circuit for myself, then I run back home. It’s the perfect alternative to hitting the gym.'


Featured Trainer: Sofia Rodriguez of Golds Gym

'Great Falls has an amazing view for a hike. Any landscape in the DC area is a great place to walk or run by. I will admit I am not much of a runner anymore but I love to explore different areas in the DMV.'

Great Falls National Park

Great Falls

Featured Yogi: Darin Volwiler

'There are so many outdoor leagues in DC from kickball to softball to volleyball that it can be hard to choose one. I play softball and volleyball each spring/summer. Any league like this is a great way to get out, get active, and meet new people. I love running on the Mall. In DC, I often times get busy in the day to day and it isn't until I'm running by the Washington Monument, Capitol, or Lincoln Memorial that I have my breath taken away and am so grateful I live in this awesome city! I love meditating at the World War II Memorial. The fountains and austerity of the Memorial are both humbling and grounding. The views aren't bad either.'