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Ask the Elites: How do you stay motivated during the winter?

Ask the Elites: How do you stay motivated during the winter?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 - 9:44am

"Holly Trail in winter" by Flickr User Adam Fegan. License

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Lisa Chicolte of MCRRC: “Scale back a bit on running mileage and do some indoor cross training.”

 Nicolas Crouzier of MCRRC: "It's hard for me. The cold is one thing, but what I dislike the most is that it gets dark so early! Treadmill running helps me get through the winter."

Dionis Gauvin of MCRRC: “I grew up in New England, so I enjoy running in the cold weather.  I don't run well in warm weather because I get heat exhaustion very easily, and therefore I look forward to the fall and winter every year.  I also like that my typical running routes are less crowded in the winter."

David Magida, General Manger of Elevate Interval Fitness and Reebok Spartan Race Pro Team Athlete: "I try to keep as many workouts indoors as possible. You can get some pretty insane speed workouts on a treadmill. And always have a training partner. They will keep you accountable and help you look forward to your workouts."

 Kristi Markowicz of Pacers New Balance: “I grew up in San Diego and went to college in LA, so I was definitely wimpy my first few winters in the DC area. But a couple of winters ago, I decided that I was being ridiculous and needed to toughen up. I was running with so many layers of clothes and complaining way too much. So I changed my attitude, figured out the right clothing to wear and have actually found running in the winter to be very refreshing. It feels so good afterwards. Plus, it makes me feel tough!”

Christina Papoulias of MCRRC: “I got a treadmill at home this summer and it’s made all the difference this winter.  I am motivated to go out in the cold and run by joining MCRRC’s training programs.  Knowing there are other people crazy enough to run in 10-degree weather makes getting out there easier.”

Kaitlin Sheedy of CAR: "For the most part, I love winter running. It's great to get outside in the fresh air, but it can be really tough when it's extra cold and dark outside. Group workouts help me stay motivated throughout the year, but they are especially important during the winter. On my recovery days, I meet up with friends to run and always make sure I am wearing the right gear to minimize the effects of the cold."

Ryan Witters of GRC: "Winter motivation is tough.  The darkness begins to creep in around 5 o'clock, the bone-chilling cold weather, the snow.  Nothing about any of that screams, 'let's go run.' But fast times in the spring come from hard work and long miles in the winter.  I try to imagine running a PR and remind myself that it starts with the winter miles."

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Jamie Corey is a RRCA certified coach and author of Jamie has completed eight marathons, several triathlons and is currently training for her first Ironman. When she isn't trying to find the best bagel in town, she is usually tweeting at @TheRunster.