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Featured Blogger: Madeline Dolente of Madfitness

Featured Blogger: Madeline Dolente of Madfitness

Sunday, April 19, 2015 - 12:41pm
Madeline leads a group training class at Equinox earlier this year.

Madline Dolente is a Washington D.C. fitness blogger, group class instructor, and personal trainer. She maintains the blog, Madfitness.

Madeline was kind enough to answer a few questions for us in the latest edition of our featured blogger segment.

1. What do you cover in your blog? Do you have a target audience?
I cover fitness, nutrition, motivational stories, workout videos, life coaching, deals, travel, and basically anything for living a healthy lifestyle. My target audience is anyone wanting to get inspired or wanting to live a healthy lifestyle.

2.Running is among the many fitness-related activities you participate in. Do you have a favorite Washington D.C. area trail you would like to share? How about a favorite race?
I love running and my favorite run starts in Cleveland Park, where I run past the Zoo on Connecticut Ave, make a left on Tilden and take Rock Creek running toward the monuments, loop the monuments, and run across the Memorial Bridge to the lower trail coming up to the Key Bridge, running across into Georgetown and back up Connecticut Avenue. It's a long run, but great for those training for marathons. I love running Rock Creek. You can run road or trail and the sites are amazing!

3. You teach a variety of fitness classes. Tell us a little bit about these classes and where people can find you.
I have 47 certifications, but I only teach what I am most passionate about. Right now I teach several mornings and evenings. I teach Metcon, Shockwave, Step 360, Tabata, RX, and Stacked at Equinox. Go to for the descriptions and schedule information of each class. I also teach a unique style of spinning at ZengoCycle Tuesday and Thursday evenings and you can see the schedule at Zengo's website.

Check out Madeline in our Fitness Roundtable where she and other Washington D.C. area trainers answered the same five fitness-related questions!

4. You have also been doing some fundraising for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society. Tell us about those efforts and how folks can support you.
I have run several marathons but this year, I wanted to do more to make a difference for others. I started by offering a training program for runners. I lead a running group and I have been volunteering at races. To give even more, I signed up with Team in Training to raise $3500 for the Lymphoma & Leukemia society. I am doing some really fun events at Equinox and ZengoFitness. If you's like to attend one of my events, email me at or you can donate here.

5. Is there anything coming up on your blog folks should be watching out for?
I am going to start posting fun workouts every week to inspire people to get a strong, lean, and defined body. I'll also be posting motivational tips, and really cool recipes for smoothies and easy nutritious meals.

Madeline Dolente is an international fitness expert with 17 years of experience. She is the trainer to the trainers, fitness celebrity, motivational speaker, author, and life coach. She has appeared on CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, the Washington Post, Shape magazine and many more publications. She is an avid runner and cyclist and loves to travel. You can find out more about Madeline at