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Featured Running Blogger: Travis Smith of iRun.Fit

Featured Running Blogger: Travis Smith of iRun.Fit

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - 5:00am
Featured Running Blogger: Travis Smith of iRun.Fit

Photo courtesy of Travis Smith of iRun.Fit.

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Tell us about your blog.
I started iRun.Fit in 2013 to help encourage, inspire, and train individuals to achieve their total health objectives, fitness goals, and athletic achievements by providing realistic, educational information through Personal Training and running programs. My iRun.Fit blog serves up a healthy dosage of advice, motivation, nutritional advice, and fitness reviews to help inspire others to become the best version of themselves as possible; a more healthier, happier, and more driven person! 

What makes you so passionate about running?
My passion for running comes from my dedication towards the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Each year I partner with Team In Training (TNT) to raise awareness and funds to help fight blood cancer in the National Capital Area. It's through every stride, every mile, and every race that I complete that I'm making a difference in the fight against blood cancer. My passion and my drive to run is not for me but for the future, the next generation, and for the millions around the world who have lost their life to cancer!

Is there a favorite local route that you would like to share?
I would have to go with Rock Creek Park. The running trails and different routes are beautiful and a great workout, plus in the summer you can beat the heat while being able to get a good long run in before dying.

What is your favorite DC area race?
Tough decision due to all the great DC local races but if I had to choose one I would go with SOME's Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. Not only does the organization put on a great race but runners are raising awareness and funds for the homeless in the DC area. Plus, you don't feel as bad later in the afternoon when you are eating all those unhealthy foods for Thanksgiving. One of my most recent favorites would have to be the Navy-Air Force Half Marathon. Due to the amazing team that organizes the race and the course, it has become one of my favorite races to run each year. I would highly encourage any new or returning half marathoners to register for the Navy-Air Force Half Marathon in September, truly an amazing race series. 

If you are going to treat yourself after a long run, how do you do it?
Easy, that would be Busboys and Poets Peanut Butter, Banana, and Honey Sandwich with Sweet Potato fries! Truly amazing after a long run, great for refueling. I also love a big glass of Chocolate Milk too :)

Read more on the iRun.Fit website

About the Author

Jamie Corey is a RRCA certified coach and author of Jamie has completed eight marathons, several triathlons and is currently training for her first Ironman. When she isn't trying to find the best bagel in town, she is usually tweeting at @TheRunster.