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Try DC's New Prison Style BootCamp

Try DC's New Prison Style BootCamp

by: twenty3n1
Sunday, February 24, 2019 - 3:26pm
Event Time: 
Saturday, October 24, 2020 - 11:00am

 While  serving a 5 year sentence, ex-felon turned trainer Dontrell Britton was able to use this 1 HOUR per day to construct an array of body-weight workouts that ultimately helped DOZENS of other inmates get their "Killer Bodies".

In society we're often CONFINED to all of the responsibilities of life. Work, Family, School, Cooking, Cleaning, Driving, Watching TV, Reading, Eating Pizza, etc. Sometimes creating time for ourselves is difficult. But if you can understand what just  40 minutes Of "Kick-Ass" Exercise can do, it'll make a HUGE difference toward your "Killer Body."

23/1 is  broken the workouts down into 3 Phases:

  1. Individual Workout (Solitary Confinement) – For the first 10 minutes, YOU ARE OWN YOUR OWN as instrauctors take you through high intense, muscle burning workouts, you’ll be forced to dig deep within to make it past phase 1.
  2. Partner Workout ( Meet Your Cell Buddy) – Phase 2 is where you and your partner will work together to accomplish the prescribed exercises. Here’s where members are encouraged to uplift and hold each other accountable for the next grueling 10 minutes of  the workout.
  3. Group Workout ( Reentry) – This is the final but most important phase of the workout. This is a Group effort.  All members will work together as one to the finish line. You may have came alone but you will not leave alone. These exercises are group/team based workouts that encourages Unity. We work together to accomplish ONE goal, nd that’s to complete our sentence at Twenty3n1.
Twenty3n1 Facility
1726 Kalorama Road NW
20009 Washington, DC

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