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Friday, January 5, 2018 - 9:27am

From a press release: '

Washington, DC – VIDA Fitness is taming the animal tamer. The local fitness chain announced today a partnership with naturalist media personality and author David Mizejewski for a six-month intensified fitness and wellness challenge. The customized program will include personal training sessions focusing on proper conditioning, strength and core exercises, as well as an aerobic routine that the wildlife expert can undergo independently over the six-month timetable. The overall objective is for Mizejewski to shed 50 pounds accomplishing his goal weight, create a solid strength training and fitness routine and implement an ongoing wellness lifestyle. 

Nutritional counseling from VIDA’s registered and licensed dietician Addie Claire will include an evaluation of Mizejewski’s eating and exercise habits, fitness aspirations, body fat, diet history and family health history to customize the perfect program to achieve his goals. VIDA’s master personal trainer Susie Powell will incorporate a customized approach to Mizejewski’s individual objectives and develop a systematic and carefully planned strength training fitness program to reach his goals in the finite time period.

“This fitness and wellness challenge is the perfect incentive that I need to get myself back into a healthy lifestyle,” says Mizejewski. "Like so many people, as I've gotten older I've put on some extra weight and let my busy schedule be an excuse for skipping the gym. Right now, I look like the Chris Pratt of Parks & Rec but my goal is to look like the Chris Pratt of Jurassic World. I plan to give this initiative my all. I'm hoping my story will inspire others on their own fitness journeys to take advantage of all that VIDA has to offer."

 Mizejewski will be sharing weekly updates chronicling his wellness journey on VIDA's blog and social media. At the conclusion of his six-month challenge, VIDA Fitness will reveal his dramatic weight loss and new physique in June 2018 during an invited news conference.

Mizejewski, a DC resident, is a naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation and NatGeo WILD television host, where he inspires people to protect wildlife. He is a regular guest on NBC's Today Show, Conan and The Wendy Williams Show and has also appeared on Animal Planet, HGTV, History Channel, CNN, NPR, The Martha Stewart Show, Fox and Friends and RuPaul's Drag Race. He is the author of Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard Wildlife, which won the 2005 Independent Book Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Award for Gardening/Architecture. When he's not helping to save wildlife, he's deep into geek culture, writing for pop culture website Boing Boing, appearing at San Diego Comic-Con, being featured on and co-hosting The ElfQuest Show podcast. 

About VIDA Fitness

At VIDA Fitness, we are here to make your life better!  We do this by creating uniquely designed and laid out spaces, providing industry leading facilities and programming, hiring and retaining the best fitness professionals to support you in achieving your goals, and creating a community where people of shared values can make meaningful personal connections. VIDA signature classes provide fun, innovative ways to work out that constantly evolve to provide new challenges.  Complete with Aura Spa, Bang Salon, Fuel Bar, Gear Shop, luxurious locker rooms, and signature Endless Pools, VIDA caters to every aspect of their members’ lives. Founded in 2006, VIDA now has six convenient locations in Washington DC ranging from 30,000 to 60,000 square feet. For additional information on VIDA Fitness, please access the website at: or follow on Facebook at'


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