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Workout Recovery Tips from 7 [solidcore] Instructors

Workout Recovery Tips from 7 [solidcore] Instructors

Sunday, October 22, 2017 - 6:59pm

[solidcore] has a reputation as being one of the toughest workouts, so we asked their battle-tested instrcutors for a few tips on post-workout recovery.


Jacob Griffin

"After [solidcore] I usually chug a bottle of water. (I am a very sweaty man so I lose a lot of fluid during class.) Then within 30 minutes or so I like to munch on a protein bar or avocado toast. #basic Keeping my body fueled before and after helps me have a noticeably better workout.” Coaches at the Adams Morgan and Shaw studios.

Pamela Trujillo

"The biggest recovery tips are hydration, quality nutrients and rest! I drink plenty of water before class, and afterwards I enjoy coconut water to help replace electrolytes. Since [solidcore] gets you to muscle failure, I make it a point to eat protein to repair muscle and carbs to replace glycogen — favorite post-workout meal is an egg sandwich! It's important to give your muscles time to repair themselves, so I allow my body at least one day of rest in between [solidcore] classes. I'm also a huge fan of naps to replenish energy, since a class can take a lot out of me!” Coaches at Cathedral Commons and West End

Anina Adelfio

"I'm completely hooked on cryotherapy! On days when I'm sore from [solidcore], you can find me at DistrictCryo. Three minutes in the cryo chamber (at -275*F!) helps relieve soreness and also makes me sleep like a baby, which is SO important for recovery.” Coaches at Cathedral Commons

Jolene Milot

"As an endurance triathlete I'm a fan of both the mental and physical game [solidcore] plays with me.  As such, I treat my post-class recovery just as I would for my Ironman training. Three non-negotiables for me are: protein after class (usually a shake with a simple carb like a banana within 30 minutes), a date with my foam roller, and a solid night of sleep.” Coaches at Adams Morgan

Rose Shine

"As someone who’s had my fair share of injuries, I’ve learned the hard way the importance of active recovery. Developing a habit or practice of foam rolling after a tough workout to combat DOMS, has helped mitigate that next day day soreness in addition to improving my mobility and flexibility. But the most important recovery practice I have is getting dry needling done. It’s a GAME CHANGER! Nothing else relieves tightness and pain in stressed muscles and joints as quickly or as effectively.” Coaches at Cathedral Commons

Sam Musser

"For maximizing recovery from intense workouts, cryotherapy has been a game changer. Not only does it help with muscle recovery, I sleep better afterward, too -- win win! I've also benefited from having localized cryotherapy done on an injury. Aside from freezing, I try to drink a full 16 oz. bottle of water during every workout, and FlapJacked Mighty Muffins are my go-to for a quick and easy protein boost -- all you need is water and a microwave, plus they're delicious (the chocolate peanut butter flavor is my favorite).” Coaches at Cathedral Commons

Charly Williams

“Yoga has been a essential for keeping my body mobile and my mind calm after intense workouts. I hate foam rolling with a passion but have started to hold myself accountable after a challenging class and I find a noticeable difference in my level of ‘soreness’ the next day so that I can stay active. For any lingering tightness or ‘bad’ pain (because injuries happen whether we like it or not) I have been obsessed with dry-needling. Quick and effective for instant relief!” Coaches at Adams Morgan and Cathedral Commons


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