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10 AWESOME Washington D.C. Area Yogis Describe Their Classes

10 AWESOME Washington D.C. Area Yogis Describe Their Classes

Saturday, February 20, 2016 - 11:18am

Mimi Rieger.

As part of our Featured Yogi series, we asked DC area yogis to describe what a class is like with them and tell us what makes the experience unique. Here we summarize their answers and tell you where/when you can take a class with each yogi.

Angela Meyer of the YMCA: 
"My classes tend to lean towards the stronger side of yoga, so you will definitely feel like you’ve moved!  I lead with a blend of deep nurturer (my hospice/chaplain side) and confident, essential alignment (not a lot of fluff).  I think students come to my classes when they need to feel safe, seen and known, yet lead, challenged and empowered."

Take an Aerial Yoga class with Angela at the YMCA Anthony Bowen on Monday nights at 7:45PM and Thursday evenings at 5:15 PM.

"A class with Amy Rizzotto will bring you out of your head and into your body by challenging you with creative sequences focusing on balance, core work and recurrent attention to breath. Her personal passion for mixed movement infuses her classes with fun twists and playful transitions."
Amy teaches classes at Yoga Heights on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Check out her Yoga for Athletes series on ALDC and take the class on Saturday at 1:30 PM. 
Krista Block of Thrive Yoga Center, Flow Yoga Center and Buddha B Yoga:
"A class with me is soulful and grounded in tradition with plenty of creativity. I ask a lot from my students and am not afraid to present them with challenges, but the challenge is always balanced with a huge dose of playfulness and fun. My hope is that students leave trusting in their strength and with a fresh-perspective on their life and abilities. (I pretty much want my class to be a life-affirming recess for adults.)"

In addition to the workshop mentioned above, attend one of Krista's classes this week at Flow Yoga Center. She is scheduled to teach Thursday at 5:15PM and Sunday at 4:30 PM.

Sara Crosby of extendYoga:
"In my class, students can expect to be in constant movement around their mats.  Rarely are poses simply held, but rather approached with mindful movements of the body.  My sequencing is based around the cultivation of a "peak asana," fostering a sense of community within the class, everyone working towards a common goal.  Through various "kramas" or stages, students are invited to stay true to their own unique pathway toward full integration of the body and the breath."   

Sara teaches the FREE "Get Fit for Summer" Lunchtime Flow Class (sponsored by VIDA at Yards Park) on Fridays and a mixed-level Flow class at extendYoga on Saturday mornings at 10:30.

Hubert Guy 
"Music, laughter, community, playfulness, and a child-like exploration of the different aspects or paths of yoga, including chanting, philosophy, and hands-on assists."

Sima Tamaddon of Rx'd Yoga:
"Every week I try to teach a flow based on targeting a different area to help my students work a specific body part or region. I also try to keep the environment open, friendly and fun.  I know how hard it is for people to be new to something and so I try to give options for all levels in the room. "

Mimi Rieger of Mimi Rieger Yoga:
"When taking a Mimi Rieger Yoga class, students should expect a powerful, creative and comprehensive practice. My main focus is cultivating full body-connectivity and awareness on the mat. Encouraging students to push past their existing physical barriers and embrace getting stronger, how you show up on the mat will show up in your life."

Mimi teaches 7 days a week at various studios throughout the District, including VIDA, Flow, the YMCA, and Sports Cub/LA. Here is a complete schedule

Marie Belle:
"My classes encourage students to grow into their inner consciousness to facilitate ease of movement, steadiness of breath, and balanced growth on and off the mat. I challenge students physically while teaching about life- affirming, tantric philosophies that support emotional healing. Additionally, I have extensive training as a Psychologist in Social Emotional Development (Ph.D. from Virginia Tech; I teach General Psychology and Developmental Psychology to undergraduate students at The George Washington University) and Women’s Studies (Graduate Certificate). I utilize this keen awareness of the intellectual and emotional body to empower those who practice consistently, for a long period of time, with devotion. My classes are highly influenced by the athleticism, strength, and balance from Ashtanga and Rocket yoga, the gracefulness from Anusara’s life-affirming alignment principles, and the therapeutic and calming benefits of Hot yoga. I am a devoted student and mindful teacher of yoga who provides an environment for both an invigorating practice and an empowering experience."

Stacey DeGrasse of Capitol Hill Yoga:
"You can trust that classes with me will consistently offer you the highest quality of instruction. Nothing I do or teach is random. Each class is thoughtfully planned and executed so that you receive the most effective teaching possible. My classes are sure to challenge both your body and mind. Personal attributes that you can count on in my classes: I'm pretty serious, but if you listen closely you can pick up on a subtle joke or two in each class; I'm demanding, but in the sweetest way possible; I am always your cheerleader, rooting you on and encouraging you to be at your best."

Stacey teaches at Capitol Hill Yoga, check out the schedule to find a class. 

Jane Bahneman of Blue Nectar Yoga:
"I’ve been teaching yoga for many years (13 to be exact) in many settings to many different populations before I opened Blue Nectar Yoga with business partner Amy Trietiak. I have taught in teacher training programs as close as Arlington, VA and as far away as Taiwan. In is in this depth that I developed an eye for the full yoga experience, and BNY was born. There is something really special about our studio, the Blue team, and class styles. Our signature class style called is flow seven five and flow six zero. Each of our instructors stays within a well thought-out framework but also have creative freedom within that.
                  In you were to attend my flow seven five class specifically? You will find challenging sequences and pose options, lots of chances to play and “get physical” but also to feel how yoga truly relates to life off the mat in a user-friendly way. I share a lot of “me” in class – I keep it real, if you will! This ancient tradition need not be exclusive or elusive and it is my mission to share it in this way! restoration Rx or YINtelligence are a real treat in a whole different way."

Jane teaches rock'n'flow yoga on Thursdays at 6 PM. Visit the Blue Nectar schedule to book a class. 

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