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10 AWESOME Washington D.C. Area Yogis Describe Their Classes

10 AWESOME Washington D.C. Area Yogis Describe Their Classes

Monday, March 2, 2015 - 5:02am
10 AWESOME Washington D.C. Area Yogis Describe Their Classes

Hayley Steinbarth.

As part of our Featured Yogi series, we asked DC area yogis to describe what a class is like with them and tell us what makes the experience unique. Here we summarize their answers and tell you where/when you can take a class with each yogi.

Erica Ford of M Street Yoga

Erica Ford of M Street Yoga.  

"Students can expect to have a lot of fun while receiving one-on-one coaching and affirmation from me.  They can also expect to sweat -- a bunch.  I put together challenging sequences that flow from into the next and often throw in wild cards with some occasional  dance and traditional cardio moves.  The soundtracks I use has a lot of uplifting soul music at all different paces.  Students leave class wrapped in self-love, relaxed, and having learned something new.  Some students notice that I rarely call poses by their true names in Sanskrit or English when teaching and rather describe them with a lot of details -- sometimes, I give poses nicknames you might not expect just because it may make a pose easier to grasp (e.g., boat pose = gangster lean or warrior 3 = airplane)"

Take a class with Erica at M Street Yoga located at 300 M Street Southwest.


Alice Riccardi of Down Dog Yoga

Featured Yogi: Alice Riccardi of Down Dog Yoga

Photo provided by Down Dog Yoga.

"When I'm teaching, my aim is to be present in the room with students in real time. I view each class as the most important class I've ever taught, because of the people in it and the time it's occurring. I am committed to the student having their own experience, and learning from that place of their own experience."

Take a class with Alice at Down Dog Yoga in Georgetown, Bethesda, and Herndon.


Suzy Thompson of The Source Yoga

Suzy Thompson of The Source Yoga Studio

"A class with me will be a blend of accessibility, power and humor.  I do like to emphasize alignment and form—that’s years of medical training and Iyengar yoga!—but I believe that compassion and fun are just as important.  Most of all, I see yoga as a way for us to connect with ourselves. I will challenge you to take your practice to a deeper level, both physically and spiritually."

Take a class with Suzy at the The Source Yoga, located in McLean VA.


Julia Romano of Yoga NoMa

"A student told me once that I increase intensity without increasing volume. I like that. I like to build a practice from the ground up, going deeper without force, only ease. No real depth is ever found by force. We go "deeper" with patience, and mindfulness, and yes, compassion; and often, the depth that's achieved has nothing to do with the physical form. I do my darnedest to create a space in which every person can find what they are seeking. The flows may range from the strong and fiery, to the soft and meditative (even over the course of one class), but the whole practice is, ultimately, breath-linking meditation in movement. If I've done my job, you walk out feeling better, whatever that means to you. And, hopefully, you pay that "better" forward. I think that's the whole beautiful point. "

Take a class with Julia at Yoga NoMa


Hayley Steinbarth of lil omm yoga

hayley steinbarth of lil omm yoga

"A yoga class with me is a unique experience. Why? Because I bring to my classes, my yoga. No one else has had my journey. No one else ever will. Every teacher I have studied under, every class I have taken, book I have read, moment I have mused on, time on the mat, is reflected through my teaching. It is a very personal experience for me to teach. My life work out there for all. And I am humbled and blessed that there are yogi's & yogini's out there who share this with me every day. They hear my message, see my journey, and join me on this path of yoga."

Take class with Hayley at Yoga District or lili omm. Details


Angela Meyer of the YMCA

Angie practices Aerial Yoga at the YMCA Anthony Bowen. Click the numbered buttons below to check out more photos of Angie practicing with the hammock.

"My classes tend to lean towards the stronger side of yoga, so you will definitely feel like you’ve moved!  I lead with a blend of deep nurturer (my hospice/chaplain side) and confident, essential alignment (not a lot of fluff).  I think students come to my classes when they need to feel safe, seen and known, yet lead, challenged and empowered."

Take an Aerial Yoga class with Angela at the YMCA Anthony Bowen.


"A class with Amy Rizzotto will bring you out of your head and into your body by challenging you with creative sequences focusing on balance, core work and recurrent attention to breath. Her personal passion for mixed movement infuses her classes with fun twists and playful transitions."
Amy teaches classes at Yoga Heights, located on Georgia Ave in Park View.
Krista Block, photograph by Sean Scheidt and Hair/Makeup by Leah Sarrah Bassett.

"A class with me is soulful and grounded in tradition with plenty of creativity. I ask a lot from my students and am not afraid to present them with challenges, but the challenge is always balanced with a huge dose of playfulness and fun. My hope is that students leave trusting in their strength and with a fresh-perspective on their life and abilities. (I pretty much want my class to be a life-affirming recess for adults.)"

Krista teaches classes at Flow Yoga and extendYoga. Here is her schedule

Mimi Rieger of Mimi Rieger Yoga

"When taking a Mimi Rieger Yoga class, students should expect a powerful, creative and comprehensive practice. My main focus is cultivating full body-connectivity and awareness on the mat. Encouraging students to push past their existing physical barriers and embrace getting stronger, how you show up on the mat will show up in your life."

Mimi teaches 7 days a week at various studios throughout the District, including Yoga Heights, VIDA, Flow, the YMCA, and Sports Cub/LA. Here is a complete schedule


Lauren Jacobs of mbodhi yoga

I teach in a lot of different spaces, to a variety of students, and in many different styles, some of which many would argue are not actually “yoga” at all.  In all of my classes, whether the ones more traditionally recognized as yoga or not, I teach the connectivity between movement and breath, the importance of building strength, flexibility, and healthy body alignment, and learning to be aware and in the present moment; but, even in my more traditional yoga classes you can also pretty much always expect me to put putting a modern, playful, relatable, and fast-paced spin on these teachings. "

Take a class with Lauren at CorePower Yoga or Mint. Check out her schedule. 

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