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Ask The Yogis: Favorite Pose

Ask The Yogis: Favorite Pose

Monday, September 29, 2014 - 7:59am
krista block

Krista Block. Photo by Sean Scheidt

Krista Block of Flow Yoga Center, Buddha B Yoga, and extendYoga
"It's always changing, but right now the playfulness of summer has me digging Sayanasana, or elbow stand. This pose is just a really cute situation and a fun challenge to add to your inversion practice. In sanskrit it literally translates to "Repose Posture" which is pretty funny because as you can imagine balancing your entire body on your elbows is far from restful."

Angela Meyer of the YMCA:
Handstands. I feel happy like a kid."

Angela will be leading a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Program that will start in November 2014. Details.

Lauren Jacobs of CorePower Yoga and Stroga:
If you ask me tomorrow, I will probably have a different answer, but my favorite pose of the moment is hanumanasana - monkey pose.  

I am a fairly athletic person, so, physically, the pose usually feels like torture for my hips and hamstrings.  But, the other day I hiked up to Devil's Bridge in Sedona, Arizona (see picture), and with the story of Hanuman (a Hindu god who took the "greatest leap ever taken" to reach the Lanken Islands from mainland India) in my mind, I just went for it; I walked out onto the bridge (even though I am PETRIFIED of heights) and split my legs toward opposite ends.  I won't say that it felt completely effortless, but pretty darn close!"

Lauren Jacobs

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Sari Leigh, The Anacostia Yogi:
"My favorite pose is compass pose. The pose conveys that there is power and fluidity in being able to twist your body in many directions yet still remain rooted!"

Check out Sari's Easy Yoga for Stress Relief

Stacey DeGrasse of Capitol Hill Yoga:
Eka pada koundinyasana (one legged K sage) is my current favorite. I love all arm balances and the strength that is required of them, yet EPK also demands flexibility in order to get your legs straight and access the classical shape of the pose."

Sara Crosby of extendYoga:
"My favorite pose tends to change weekly, but right now I'm really enjoying all the wonderful variations offered in Anjaneyasana, or low lunge.  Whether it's open hips, open shoulders or open heart I'm after, there's always a glorious option to free what needs freeing in Anjaneyasana."

Sara currently leads free-range yoga in Lincoln Park. Also, check out her Full Moon Workshop with live music at extendYoga. Details on the extendYoga website.

Stacey Degrasse. 

Amy Rizzotto of Yoga Heights DC:
My favorite pose these days is supported Supta Baddha Konasana, or Reclining Bound Angle pose. It's such a nice way to start a class. Relaxing for three to five minutes in this restorative posture allows me to release any tension in my body, calm any worries on my mind, and reset before inviting in more vigorous movement. The stillness, the stretch, the openness - I can't say enough about this one!

Jessica Lazar of Flow Yoga Center: 
"Down dog, for sure.  It is, as my teacher Shiva Rea once described it to me, at once a forward bend, a back bend, and a resting place--a veritable one-stop shanti shop.  :-) "

Jane Bahneman of Blue Nectar Yoga:
pincha mayurasana because finding it is about sitting in its details. It is simple yet strangely intricate all at once. But I must also say that my "favorite pose" is always subject to change, just like me:-)"