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Ask the Yogis: What is Your Favorite Brand/Type of Yoga Mat?

Ask the Yogis: What is Your Favorite Brand/Type of Yoga Mat?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 - 6:33am

Photo by Flickr user snickclunk. License

In the market for a new/better yoga mat? We asked our Featured Yogis for their yoga mat preferences. Below we share their responses.

Krista Block of Flow Yoga Center, Buddha B Yoga, and extendYoga
Jade yoga mats are definitely my favorite. They provide great traction, come in fun colors, and are made with a more open weave than other leading brands which makes them a little lighter. Most importantly, they are made from 100% natural materials and the company makes an effort to be environmentally conscious, so I feel good about purchasing their products."

Angela Meyer of the YMCA:
My preference is no mat, but if I were in a hot yoga class or on a slippery floor, Lululemon’s, The Mat 3mm."

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Arlet Koseian of extendYoga:
"Manduka PRO and Kulae Hot Hybrid (for hot yoga).  Maduka is non-slip, ecofriendly and has a lifetime warranty.  I feel sturdy and strong on my Manduka.  My Kulae is a mat/towel combo that is great for sweaty classes, ecofriendly, super light weight (great for travel) and machine washable!"

Jane Bahneman of Blue Nectar Yoga:
Jade Yoga Mats are hands-down my favorite! The Harmony Professional Mat has a good non-slip surface. It provides nice cushioning without being really heavy to carry around. And they LAST - a winner all-around which is why we carry them in the Blue Nectar Yoga Bluetique."

Stacey DeGrasse of Capitol Hill Yoga:
Currently my yoga mat of choice is the KharmaKhare Reincarnated Lite. What do I love about this mat? For starters I love KharmaKhare's mission and strong commitment to being green. They use existing materials to create their products, preventing further waste from ending up in landfills. KharmaKhare mats are made of 100% recycled car tires! As a scientist and environmentalist, I am impressed with their effort, dedication, and smart practices that lead to the repurposing of materials into safe products.

As a yogi, there is a lot I love about the KharmaKhare Reincarnated Lite. It's only 4 lbs, which makes it not only my go-to mat when practicing around DC but also my travel mat. Despite being lite, it is still both durable and cushiony. As a yogahour teacher and practitioner, one thing I can be certain of is that I will sweat during practice. I have found the KharmaKhare Reincarnated Lite to be perfect for this kind of practice. The mat provides great grip and never turns into a slip-n-slide during a sweaty practice. This means that I no longer need to use mat towels for each and every practice, which translates into much less laundry and less water usage. This mat is easy to clean with natural and organic cleaners. For more information about KharmaKhare and their yoga mats, please visit their webpage:"

News from Stacey and Capitol Hill Yoga: "our next yoga teacher training program begins at Capitol Hill Yoga in September. We are a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School and our training is a 200-hr yogahour teacher training program. Capitol Hill Yoga is one of only 6 certified yogahour schools, and this is the only training in the DC area to become certified in yogahour."

Mimi Rieger of Mimi Rieger Yoga:

Sima Tamaddon of RxD Yoga:
"My favorite mat is the Manduka Travel Lite."

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Lauren Jacobs of CorePower Yoga and Stroga:
"Manduka - the big heavy black mat is my go-to for a long, hip-opening home practice.  I use the travel mat version when out and about in the world.  I even took that version out of my bag on a flight to Hong Kong and got my yoga on...picture attached."

Amy Rizzotto of Yoga Heights DC:
"Like a good wine, my Jade yoga mat gets better with age. I absolutely love my Jade Harmony Professional Mat - so much so that I bought the travel version as well to carry with me on the go. Not only is it truly the only mat I don't ever slip on, but it's also eco-friendly. Anytime there's a win-win for the yogi and the planet, I'm all in."

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Sara Crosby of extendYoga:
"I recently just splurged on the Manduka Pro Black Magic mat.  It's not totally broken in yet, but so far I absolutely love it!"