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Featured Yogi: Faith Hunter of Embrace DC Yoga

Featured Yogi: Faith Hunter of Embrace DC Yoga

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 6:16am

Photo provided by Faith Hunter. 

About Faith: "Faith Hunter is a Yoga instructor & Lifestylelist, sprinkled with a dash of Louisiana charm. Always eager to learn, explore, and share, Faith is an inspiring and generous mentor to yoga practitioners of all skill levels. She is the creator of Spiritually Fly™, a philosophy that celebrates every moment of life, and uses yoga's tools of sound both chanting & music, breath, and movement, in a fresh and modern way to encourage students to embrace and celebrate their unique flow in life - on and off the mat. Faith is also a media darling having graced the covers of Yoga Journal (twice), Om Yoga & Lifestyle (UK based), Origin Magazine, and Sweat Equity. She has also appeared in Essence, Black Enterprise, Washington Post, several DC publications, and numerous blogs. "

Faith was kind enough to answer a few questions for us as part of our Featured Yogi series. 

How did you begin practicing yoga?
I started practicing yoga in the early 90s as a well to deal with stress surrounding the illness and death of my older brother Michael.

Why is yoga important to you? 
Yoga reminds me of the divine beauty within my heart, and connects me to my true path in life (to give, serve and love others).

What made you want to teach yoga? 
I gained many so benefits from the practice and knowing my true path, yoga revealed itself as being the ideal tool to serve others.

Do you have a preferred type of yoga to teach/practice? Please elaborate. 
I have experienced many different types of yoga. Many classify me as a Vinyasa instructor, however I merge Kundalini kriyas, the creative flow of Vinyasa, meditation, and the elements of many other practices.

Describe a yoga class with Faith Hunter. What makes the experience unique
In DC and globally I teach a class and a workshop called Spiritually Fly™. This practice evolves from my personal practice, and includes inversions, arm balances, breathwork, meditation, and playful yet challenging sequences. You will leave with an open heart that compels you to dance and celebrate the divine in you.

Check out a short video of Faith discussing Spiritually Fly. 

Who is your favorite Washington D.C. area yoga teacher
He doesn’t teach a specific studio in DC…Hawah Kasat.

Follow Faith on her Website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.