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Featured Yogi: Stacey DeGrasse of Capitol Hill Yoga

Featured Yogi: Stacey DeGrasse of Capitol Hill Yoga

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - 6:37am

Stacey DeGrasse. 

About Stacey: "Stacey teaches alignment based hatha yoga classes, including yogahour, at her studio, Capitol Hill Yoga, in Washington, DC. She infuses her scientific background into expertly and meticulously planned and executed classes. As such, her classes are sure to challenge both your body and mind."

Stacey was kind enough to answer questions for us in the latest edition of our Featured Yogi segment.

How did you begin practicing yoga?
My first yoga experience was in Mystic, CT in 1997, when my PhD advisor gifted me a session of Kripalu yoga classes. It wasn't love at first class, but there was something about yoga that kept pulling me back to the mat. Then in 2003 when I moved to DC where there was such a vibrant yoga community I couldn't resist its pull any longer.

Why is yoga important to you?
Yoga is my counter pose to life. My recognition of yoga's unique ability to provide me with balance and perspective has inspired a deep exploration of self on and off the mat. Yoga hones my intuition and helps me listen to my body, mind and heart. Most of all, the physical practice of asana makes me feel alive.

What made you want to teach yoga?
I have a passion for learning. It was my own desire for a deeper knowledge base and skill in yoga that motivated my application to my first teacher training program. But I am equally as interested in sharing the knowledge I acquire and educating others. My academic training prepared me to be an effective educator. Not only do I enjoy teaching yoga to students, I also am fortunate to have the opportunity to train trainers. I am quite proud of my role as a primary teacher in Capitol Hill Yoga's Teacher Training Program. 

Do you have a preferred type of yoga to teach/practice? Please elaborate.
Absolutely. I prefer teaching and practicing yogahour. Yogahour, founded by my primary teacher and mentor Darren Rhodes, is an accessible, affordable, expertly taught flow class that offers clear and specific alignment instruction ( I love yogahour because it packs a pose-punch each and every class. My simple definition for yogahour is sixty sweaty minutes of pose shape, strength, and stretch. It's the best combination of form and flow that there is. As a bonus, it's resource-friendly in terms of time and cost. My studio, Capitol Hill Yoga, is the only certified yogahour studio in DC. If you want to jump in with both feet, don't miss our special limited offerings of Barefoot Bootcamp, where we practice all 200 poses in the yogahour syllabus in 4 hours (your next opportunity is this Saturday, April 26 at 2:00 PM). Barefoot Bootcamp will leave a lasting asana imprint!

Describe a yoga class with Stacey. What makes the experience unique?
You can trust that classes with me will consistently offer you the highest quality of instruction. Nothing I do or teach is random. Each class is thoughtfully planned and executed so that you receive the most effective teaching possible. My classes are sure to challenge both your body and mind. Personal attributes that you can count on in my classes: I'm pretty serious, but if you listen closely you can pick up on a subtle joke or two in each class; I'm demanding, but in the sweetest way possible; I am always your cheerleader, rooting you on and encouraging you to be at your best.

Who is your favorite Washington, DC area yoga teacher?
As a student, my public classes have been almost exclusively yogahour classes at Capitol Hill Yoga since September. While all of our yogahour teachers are excellent, I love it when I can make it to my business partner's, Betsy Poos', class. Beyond that, Pierre Wright has been my most recent favorite teacher outside of our studio. When I want to get in an awesome Bikram class I seek him out.

Learn more about Stacey on her Facebook page and website

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