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Interview with Washington D.C. Yogi tanOMazi

Interview with Washington D.C. Yogi tanOMazi

Thursday, January 1, 2015 - 10:33am

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How did you start your journey with yoga? in May of 2008, i was hired to work at lululemon athletica. right after orientation, i took my very first yoga class.

What's your favorite part about teaching yoga? yoga is an art that i get to share with countless other beings daily ... that's my favorite part.

How do you define mindfulness? mindfulness is an awareness of how one is being in the moment.

How does mindfulness improve your day-to-day life? Mindfulness creates the possibility of acceptance - acceptance of everything, as it is, in the moment.

Why do you think there are less men in yoga classes than women? stats show that most guys (men) think that yoga is for girls (women). they simply don't believe that they can get a good "workout" in a yoga class. in Western culture, men have been conditioned to focus primarily on the outer or physical self. the intention of yoga is to focus inward ... to align the body with the mind, and the spirit using breathe (meditation) and asana (yoga poses).

Why do you think it is important for men to be more mindful? well, i feel that it's important for everyone to be more mindful.

What is one myth about yoga/mindfulness that you'd like to dispel? that you can't get a good workout in a yoga class!

What makes a yoga class with TanO unique? In my classes, I invite the student to DO more, BE more, and BREATHE more than he/she would otherwise.

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About the Author

Arlet Koseian is a small business owner and a lover of food, friends, pop culture, and of course, yoga. She spends most of her time at her yoga studio, extendYoga, and teaches yoga classes in the community. To learn more about Arlet or take a class at her studio, checkout:, FacebookTwitter and/or her blog.