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Mad Props for Asana - Interview with DC Yoga Instructor Katie Fox-Boyd

Mad Props for Asana - Interview with DC Yoga Instructor Katie Fox-Boyd

Sunday, May 21, 2017 - 6:55pm
Photo provided by Katie Fox-Boyd.

This November, Washington D.C. yogis Katie Fox-Boyd and Brittany Taylor will hold a special series of workshops focused on incorporating props into a yoga practice.

The first workshop will be tailored to beginners, the second toward intermediate practitioners, and the final will involve restorative poses for all levels.

Katie was kind enough to answer a few questions about the workshops.

1. This workshop series is based on the use of props. For someone with minimal yoga experience, please briefly discuss how and why props are used.
Yoga props help us find healthy alignment in the body while we practice asana (physical yoga poses). For example, blocks bring the floor to the dangling hand allowing the body to find spaciousness in half moon pose; straps connect the hands to the foot in a seated forward fold so the spine can lengthen rather than round; and blankets protect the neck during shoulder stand.

2. How can props can be useful for a more experienced yogi? Please use an example or two from the workshops.
More experienced yogis can use props to learn more challenging asanas. A block under the feet will help lift you off into crow pose. A strap around the upper arms teaches proper muscle engagement in handstand or wheel pose.

3. The third workshop will be especially suited for those "recovering from physical injury or strenuous activity." Can you offer some specifics? Will any of the lessons be transferable to a home practice?
The third workshop, which focuses on using props for restorative yoga, will include asanas that provide the body relaxation and restoration. We'll hold calming poses, well-supported by props, for long periods of time. These poses can be practiced at home as part of a regular restorative yoga practice or anytime the body needs to recover from a long run or other strenuous activity.

4. Your co-teacher for the workouts is Brittany Taylor. How will having two instructors improve the workshops for attendees?
Two instructors will mean individualized attention for each workshop participant. While one instructor explains and demos the poses with props, the other instructor will be able to help students find the pose in their own bodies using props. Brittany and I completed different teacher trainings and bring a diversity of experience to teaching yoga using props. We will share the teaching and assisting, and two instructors means double the knowledge.

5. Is there anything you would like to pass on that is not obvious from the workshop descriptions?
We have some students signing up for all three workshops. Students will gain different knowledge from each workshop: the beginners workshop will provide foundational knowledge about asanas and props, the intermediate workshop will challenge students to try to new asanas with the help of yoga props, and the restorative workshop will give students a relaxation experience and knowledge they can take home with them.

You can read more about yoga props by checking out this post from Katie's blog.

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