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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Yogis

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Yogis

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 - 6:46am

Mala Beads by Nina Davies Jewelry.

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Love it or loathe it, ‘tis the season of giving (and receiving!). In need of ideas for what to get the yogi(s) on your list? I’ve got you covered. As a yogi for12 years and the buyer for my studio, Yoga Heights, here in Washington, DC I’ve got a pretty good handle on what’s out there and am here to provide my top picks for that special yogi in your life.

Top 10 Gifts for Yogis

Accessories & Gear:

  • S’Well Water Bottle: A S’Well Water Bottle tops my list because we all need to do our part to lessen on footprint and take care of this one, precious earth. It also looks really cool and is a women-run business, which I’m all for! Pick yours up at another women-run and local business, CORE72, located at 5502 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20015. S’Well bottles retail for $25-$45 depending on size and style.
  • Leather Mat Strap: These handcrafted straps by Ashworth Made, a Michigan-based artisan, are simple, chic and practical. Plus they won’t break the bank, retailing at $34.
  • Hot Yoga Mat: Yoga Design Labs (YDL) is a relatively new kid on the block when it comes to the mat market. Their mats are designed specifically for hot yoga and have a towel top surface to prevent sliding in your sweat – score! Mats retail for $48-68 and I’m really digging the “Breathe” design, though you can’t go wrong with all the vibrant motifs. If you’re looking for a more all-purpose mat, Jade and Manduka have you covered.
  • Dharma Yoga Wheel: $99 Can be used like a foam roller, roll out the lower lumbar spine.
  • Foam Roller: Foam rollers have long been an athlete’s friendly foe. These therapeutic tools help relieve achy muscles, increase range of motion, and release trigger points. They hurt so good. Yogis will love the way these feel on the lower back, hamstrings, and quads. Try the GRID Foam Roller for a new level of therapeutic intensity. They retail for $39.99 and come in lots of fun colors and patterns.
  • Yoga Mat Wash: One of the guiding principles of a yogic life is the Niyama saucha, or cleanliness. Help the yogi in your life incorporate a little more saucha in their lives with Asutra Naturals all-natural yoga mat cleaner, which retails on Etsy for just $10.95.



  • Phat Buddha Jane Sparkly Stirrup or Capri Leggings: It’s such a festive time of year there’s really no better time to rock sparkly black or navy yoga stirrup or capri leggings. Am I right? Even if the thought never occurred to you until just now you should check out Phat Buddha’s awesome Jane leggings. Stock up at Yoga Heights where capris retail for $59 and stirrups just $65.
  • Mala Beads: The term "mala" is a Sanskrit word for "meditation garland.” These necklaces are composed of 108 beads designed to help you concentrate during meditation. Mala beads are also beautiful and can be worn as a beautiful adornment to any yogi outfit.  Give Massachusetts-based designer Nina Davies Jewelry a try.  She makes custom pieces as well so go on, get creative!
  • Snowfall Cardigan: As we get into the colder months, every yogi needs a little extra warmth before and after they move. I love a good cozy cardigan and this one by Lucy works with just about any outfit. It retails for $89 and is available in three colors.
  • Lengthen Your Practice Leg Warmers: Speaking of staying warm, every girl loves a pair of leg warmers. Not only have they become trendy again, but they’re super practical too. Now your yogi can wear their yoga capris all winter long! Try Lululemon’s on for size at $48.


About the Author

Amy Rizzotto, RYT-200, is a food and fitness loving blogger, yoga instructor, nutrition coach  and studio owner based in Washington, DC. Amy's passion is looking at the space where yoga and nutrition fuse for optimal athletic performance and overall mind/body wellness. Move Well DC  serves as her platform for sharing words of motivation, tasty recipes for health and workout tips. You can learn more about what she's up to by following her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @MoveWellDC.